Suicide Squad - The Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Boomerang walk into a bar


Oh no.

The Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie is still a go as well. WB/DC are a garbage fire.


Can we just get a movie where the Leto, Galifianakis, and Phoenix Jokers work together to take down the Afflek, Mazouz, and Arnett Batmans (Batmen?)?


I might actually watch that!


Only if Kellywand’s Jessie Eisenberg Lex Luthor is the voice-over.



I have to make sure to do my job as the resident “I call BS!” guy for clickbait headlines, but I doubt a Lared Leto Joker movie is ever going to happen. That Variety story doesn’t change my mind:

So the news is that, yeah, Jared Leto would like to star in his own movie and he’s making it clear he’s willing to pony up his own money to produce. In other news, celebrities like being famous!



Since Suicide Squad was trying to hard to be DC’s Guardians, they apparently went straight to the source.


Wow. That’s nuts.


The racist, sexist and misognyst crowd will love this. They’ve been trying to spin the Marvel and DC scene for awhile.


What do you mean?


You haven’t seen this weirdo debate? There is a weird element of the DC fandom that believes there is an attack on DC for not being being left wing like Marvel. They flat out believe that that the movies are being tanked, purposefully, by left-wing critics and it has nothing to do with the movies being, well, bad. If they can get James Gunn, ejected from the Marvel sphere, to produce a good DC movie, like a really good one… just you watch what happens.


Whoa, no, I’ve been thankfully oblivious to that. Are these the same crazy people convinced a Snyder cut of Justice League 1) exists and 2) is good, or are those separate bonkers DC fans?


As if the theatrical release wasn’t mostly Snyder. Whedon is much better at these things, IMO, but he only had so much ability to influence a movie he came onto in the late stages of production.


Same song, different instrument


6-8 months from now…

“James Gunn exits Suicide Squad 2.”


I love Warner Bro’s/DC!

“We have nothing to protect and no reputation to sully, soooo…fuck it!”



Considering Guardians was one of my favorite parts of the Marvelverse, this cant be anything but a net increase in my interest.

Still not sure I’d watch, but it certainly increase the odds. And if Bautista is aboard? Given his Drax performance, that would be a potential boon too.




Since they announced earlier that Margo Robbie wouldn’t be returning and that they planned on using a different cast of villians for the sequel, this doesn’t come as much of a shocker.


Wait what? No Margot Robbie = no sale. I don’t care about Will Smith in it or not.