Suicide Squad - The Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Boomerang walk into a bar


My guess is that DC/WB is gonna give Gunn full reign to do whatever in hopes they get a GotG. And he’s gonna make an overly quirky film that will be loved by those who love him and ignored by the majority of movie goers. Gunn just feels like one of those guys who’s ideas can be so out there that a little (to a lot) of direction by producers/studios is needed to make a film that actually works above a ‘cult status’ level. Film is such is collaborative art form that I pretty much think all directors need some sort of controls to keep them from indulging in their worst tendencies (See Ridley or George for perfect examples)


I am pretty sure Jai Courtney could be back, he is so horrible in everything.


It’s good news every time it’s announced that Will Smith is not in a movie.

It should be a go-to announcement whenever a movie needs to build up hype: “Will Smith will not be in Godzilla, King of the Monsters”. “Will Smith will not be in Avengers End Game”. No wonder those movies look so good! It’s the no Will Smith effect.


Ha, clearly I was not alone in thinking: so what? His Deadshot was pretty much “hey I’m Will Smith in a helmet,” nothing approaching what Simone did with him in her Secret Six runs.


Even in MIB Will Smith was basically the boat anchor trailing behing Tommy Lee Jones. Most of his contribution to the film was acting confused and getting beaten up.


C’mon. Will Smith was pretty good as the half-orc in Bright.


And it’s like people forgot he did a good job with the credits rap for Moonlight.



Well it didnt take them long to replace Willie. Its being reported that they are in talks with Idris Elba for the role of Deadshot. Im not a Will Smith hater but damn, talk about getting an upgrade!


Ugh, Elba was smart enough to stay clear of the Pacific Rim sequel but is going to get in bed with this crap? Do you want to be James Bond? Because this isn’t how you get to be James Bond.