Sullivan and Son

This is a new sitcom on TBS. I’ve seen a few commercials for it and so far it doesn’t look shitty.

One review from the NY Daily News.

It starts tonight at 10PM on TBS. Not an auspicious slot, but who knows? Anyone going to check it out?

Okay it pretty much sucked. You can delete this. Please.

It was atrociously bad. However, I can’t say how the ending was, because I turned it off.

This is kind of an awesome thread.

I had an equivalently disgusted reaction when I tried to watch the pilot of “The Exes”, recently.

There were a few good jokes. Quite a bit of mildly-edgy racial humor.

The laugh track was AWFUL. They had laugh calls on things that weren’t remotely funny and didn’t even seem to be intended to BE funny.

The acting was pretty bad too: the girlfriend I’m pretty sure isn’t even an actress, but maybe was the caterer and they just dragged her onto the set? The main guy was pretty bad, his sister was terrible, and his mother was worst of all.

The only high point of the show was Brian Doyle Murray, and his racist character is going to go stale pretty fast.

Its a shame: the only decently funny comedy on cable that I can think of is Always Sunny, and you get what, about 6 episodes a year of that?

The laugh track must have been awful because they couldn’t fill the studio audience. :) When I was trying to get tickets to a Disney Channel sitcom for my kid and me, the Disney shows would run out of tickets within an hour of posting. Sullivan and Son never once ran out, even after weeks of listing.

I would only watch this if Michael Westin appeared. (One of the characters is the same actress as Michael’s mom on Burn Notice). Otherwise, it just seemed like a way to dispose of all the racist Asian jokes that were left over when Shit My Dad Says was canceled.

Wait, Sharon Gless is in this show? IMDB doesn’t have her listed…

Whoops, I appear to have mistaken Christine Ebersole for her. My Westin condition still stands, however.

And here I thought it would be a remake of a 70’s show featuring a curmudgeonly black father and his forward-thinking son as they tried to survive and prosper while running the family junk business.