Summer cleaning: Free stuff

My wife and I are cleaning and we’ve stumbled on the following junk…er, stuff. If I can’t find them a new home, they’re going out with the trash.

Ebay says they’re not worth anything, but they may fit in someone’s collection.

If you’d like to pay shipping, any/all is yours!

Cloth Maps:[ul]
[li]Ultima Online Britannia map[/li][li]Everquest: ruins of kunark map[/li][li]Ultima VII: Part 1 Britannia map[/li][li]Ultima VII: Part 2 Serpent Isle map[/li][li]Ultima 8: Pagan map[/li][li]Ultima 9 Britannia map[/li][li]Might and Magic VI map[/ul]Misc Stuff:[ol][/li][li]Ultima Online Charter Edition Box (not mint) (11x17ish)[/li][li]Ultima Online Charter Edition print (mint) (11x17)[LIST=1][/li][li]was kept in the box listed above[/ol] [/li][li]All of the stuff that came with the UO Charter edition (no CD though)[ul][/li][li]Highlights:[LIST][/li][li]Goofy certificate from Lord British charging you to use your virtues to kill stuff in the game[/li][li]Neat advert for Dungeon Keeper 2[/li][*]Leaflet manuals for UO at launch[/ul][/LIST][/LIST]Feel free to ask questions if you have any interest.

Your reply, sir!

A friend is interested in this. When I asked for specifics, he responded with “Everything.” If you’re wanting to spread it around, then he has a preference for the cloth maps.

The lot has been taken. Nothing to see here!