Summer in DC - the Qt3 edition

Since Seattle is trying to be cool, what with their barbecue and bourbon thing, it is only appropriate that the East Coast Qt3 chapter that has already met meet again - only bigger, better, and with more food.

We can (and probably should) open this up to the whole Mid-Atlantic seaboard, but let’s start with a DC get together and see what happens.

Shall we take out our dayplanners?


There went the cool factor. ;)

Troy, I prefer something metro accessable during the week or on the Maryland side during the weekend. If people aren’t against a bit of a trek there are a number of good places to get food with patios and/or water views in Annapolis.

– Xaroc

I counter by expressing the desire to get together on the Virginia side, where one can also find restaurants with patios and water views.

I’m not sure I can tell my wife I’m meeting a bunch of men off the internet on a weekend . . . maybe on my second meeting.

But I would love to meet during the week at a metro accessible location. Downtown DC would be great, but I’m more than willing to go to a burb somewhere. I’m in Alexandria and DC during the week so of course that’s my preference but I’m game for whatever. Maybe beers and food somewhere? I can suggest lots of places in DC.

As for when, next week after work is good for me. Or two weeks. Whenever.

How come nothing cool ever happens in Alabama?

Oh. Right.

I’d point out that next weekend is 3 day memorial day weekend which means we should probably look to June.

Metro convenient places:
Happy hour outside patio at Cap city Brewery next to Union station. convenient for those who MARC or rail in from VRE as well as on the red line. Solid microbrews and free pretzels. (also cafe berlin on Mass 3 blocks from union statoin with german beer by the liter/boot. Better beer, much more expensive, no free pretzels).

There’s fox n hounds(?) in Dupont. Also there’s some outdoor pation places along the U street Corridor. Hotel Washington patio overlooking the White House is the primo outdoor place in DC but not for this crowd.

Might be some small outside patio places in Gordon Biersch that’s around MCI center.

Alexandria is pretty week for outdoor places. There’s some great mexican/salvadoran on Mt Vernon Ave that has some outside places. Some outdoor places in Crystal City and Rosslyn.

A nats Thursday afternoon game is always an option. We can wait till Livian is pitching sit in the outfield and get lots of dingers from the opposing team.

BTW, can we laugh at Seattle having bourbon and BBQ? I feel like that DC/Midatlantic area should go for fish, craft beers and coffee.

I shun Md.

You’re just jealous. :P

Re: Seattle and BBQ, I was thinking that too. Maybe Texas will have a latte gathering.

Wahoo, I’d go to any of the places suggested. I work about 3 blocks from either Capitol City at Union Station or Cafe Berlin. So, yeah, those get my vote. Cafe Berlin is not so good for cheap food but the beers are awesome.

Anywhere near Union Station would be good because its central, easy to get to, and, well, pretty cool looking. Cap City Brewery is a great idea.

I won’t be free from my workaday shackles until mid-June. But I’m cool with a mid-week thing.

Metro-accessibility is essential since I hate driving.

I am on the Maryland side, but am amenable to anything on the Metro-lines.

And my dayplanner is cool. It has stickers and sparklies and everything.

I hate crabcakes.


Geez, I hope you’re not in Baltimore. Motto: “We love crabcakes!”

College Park.

So I hate riots more.


“I work about 3 blocks from either Capitol City at Union Station or Cafe Berlin.”
We work w/n 3 minutes of each other.

I think the Cap City idea is probably best since it’s a red line which helps those folks in MD(unless Troy and others are on the green line).

I’m free next Tuesday, May 23 and then basically booked till 1st week of june.

"College Park.

So I hate riots more."

Yeah, but you can burn furniture in your front lawn after a BFME2 win and the neighbor’s won’t care.

After 24 years in AL, I’m enjoying Memphis!

Pfft. Green. Red. Whatever. They all meet up.

I am on the Green.


I shun VA so that makes it even.

I take the Green when I take Metro but yeah they all get you somewhat the same place in the middle. I work off of Judiciary Square, there are a number of good places to get together around Gallery Place/Chinatown. Gordon Biersch has really good beer and the food is good as well.

Still anything in the general area would be ok with me. I am available every day but Wednesday during the week. Also the week of June 26th through the 30th I am out of town. Other than that I am open.

– Xaroc

I’m willing to host and take care of the first $250 on the check if you want to do it at my restaurant/bar in McLean. We’re about a $10 cab fare from the West Falls Church Metro station.

I’m down with that!

(I’m also down with giving those who shun non-metro accessible locations rides to and from the metro)

I’m in Alexandria, but up for meeting up just about anywhere. I echo the earlier issue with the holiday weekend – my wife’s cousin is getting married up in NYC and we’ll be out of town for the weekend.

“Have car, will travel”

Xaroc: weren’t you working out in MD somewhere? I had no idea you were in DC regularly.

(And Troy, thanks for trying to get this organized. I’ll return to my regularly schedule lurking now…)


damn, you need to open up a place in Seattle!