Summer TV 2019

Catch all for upcoming summer shows (late May - June - July - August) that might not need their own thread. Unless they turn out good, then go make a thread!

I am looking forward to: (will update with more today)
Blood and Treasure
Catch 22
The Hot Zone
Deadwood Movie
Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
The Rook
City on a Hill
The Terror: Infamy

Info resources:

And stranger things s3!

My summer TV:
Killing Eve
Babylon Berlin
Black Mirror
Tuca & Bertie
Stranger Things
The State

Also, with a bit of luck, Venture Bros

Dont forget Good Omens!

Yeah just saw it mentioned here also, looks interesting!

I’m watching The Hot Zone now and it’s pretty good (and intense). I’m also watching HBO’s Chernobyl (very intense), so the combination of death by radiation and death by Ebola make for some pretty fun evenings.

Other shows I am looking forward to checking out:

  • Season Two of The Rain on Netflix
  • Series Five of Luther on BBCA
  • Season Two of Yellowstone on Paramount
  • Season Three of Stranger Things on Netflix
  • I also just finished Season Two of Knightfall and have Season Two of Killing Eve on the DVR to tackle next.

Early reviews are not good, unfortunately. Think I’ll give it a miss for now until the buzz improves.

Oh, forgot about Big Little Lies season 2. I don’t have high hopes, as it doesn’t seem like it needed a follow-up, but maybe they can pull it off. The first season was great.


Chernobyl (HBO)
Fleabag (Amazon Prime)
State of the Union (Sundance)
Tuca & Bertie (Netflix)
Vida (Starz)

All of those sounded really interesting in different ways. I’m familiar with Chernobyl already, of course. State of the Union sounds really good. Only 10 episodes that are 10 minutes long each, and it’s apparently available on the Sundance TV website too. I’ll have to check that out this month.

I can vouch for three of those.

In surprising news, a second season of The Outpost just started:

So far:

Dark, Tuca & Bertie, Barry: Thumbs up
Black Mirror, Killing Eve: Meh
Stranger Things: Thumbs down

No luck acquiring The Venture Bros.

It’s on Hulu, but for some reason the episodes have small bits snipped out of them - specific gags I remember that have gone missing like they’re the “edited for time” versions or something.

Waiting for Glow Season 3. Currently watching the Americans and Agents of Shield.

I watched the first episode of the new run of Black Mirror, and I think I’ll skip out on the rest.

Nobody has Showtime because there’s nothing worth watching, but Kidding is really quite good. Finished the first season and waiiting for more.

Venture Bros, including Season 7, is now on All 4! Huzzah!