Summoner Wars iOS!

Indeed, when all the cards were down, he knew the only way to go out was in a blaze of glory, and goddammit, that’s exactly what he did.

Good games!

Gah! How am I going to take the time out from Ascension and Diablo III to learn this?

Dude it is totally worth it. And we should get a rollcall thread going!

Lordpolish on gamecenter. Newbie to the game like everyone else.

Really enjoying it so far although the AI isn’t very smart.

Also enjoying it even with just the free team. I am 0-4 vs the AI.

I created a Summoner Wars Rollcall thread:

Thanks, GeeWhiz!

Also, is there any special meaning to the symbol that pops up on dice when you roll them? Is that just a coolass way of saying you rolled a 6?

I think that is indeed the 6

Would it be okay if I thought of it as an 11? Cuz I like to go all the way.

My son created a new game center ID but it forced him to create a new iTunes account to do so.

When he goes into Summoner Wars it does not recognize that we purchased all the decks. He has to purchase decks; a family cannot play each other without having more than one copy.

Unless we are doing something wrong?

So I was able to play just fine, then they updated it, and now I can’t create games. Soon as I click create the app crashes.

Same thing happened to me. I reinstall and it seemed to fix the issue for the moment.

That did the trick.

Also I think I like the Goblins the most, haven’t fully decided yet.

OOOOOOOOoooooo I was wondering that too.


The board game has customized dice available for each faction; I am thinking they included them in the iOS version. Does the dice change depending on which faction is doing their turn? I will have to watch more closely.

Enjoying SW very much.

Really having fun playing the different decks.

Having fun with the Ret-Talus deck the most though.

Beaten the AI every game excet my first playthrough.

Yep, each faction’s 6 die is unique. It’s a small but cool touch.

I’m still working out which faction will be my main faction, I can see good points in many of them. I currently find myself liking the guild dwarves and the fallen kingdom a lot though. The reapers of the fallen kingdom are just too cool. If you play them right they can become crazy powerful for very little cost.

So many units to learn in this game.

Does anyone know what amount of time it will take between new factions and their appearance in the iOS version?

I just had a weird issue trying to summon the fear dog thing in the undead deck. It says I van discard troops in the field to reduce his summoning cost but it wasn’t working for me. His cost is 7 and I had 4 troops on the field. I selected him and it gave me the opportunity to discard troops, I discarded 3 and had two magic already but it didn’t let me summon him. I then discarded my last troop and still no dice.

Anyone get him to work?

Can anyone point me towards a brief summary of the various decks?