Summoner Wars Rollcall (iOS)





Rabidmoth. Not very good


The league has begun!

My apologies for what this will do to this thread. :(

I’m not going to add you each unless you PM me, because I suspect not everyone wants every game to be dripping with meaning.


I own all of the IAPs, so feel free to invite away! I’ve played only the physical version twice and the iOS version’s tutorial. Translation: me = cannon fodder!

I’ll throw you an invite and I suspect soonanother is probably down for a game (can’t figure out whey we aren’t still playing).

Everyone should feel the unique joy of lining up the perfect attacks and having all the dice roll 1’s.

I wouldn’t mind some exhibition games. I keep meaning to get into Summoner Wars but the Ascension tourneys have been dominating my iOS gaming time.

fuzzyslug on GameCenter

I picked this up when it was on sale recently, played a few online and I’m up for any casual games.

GC is josephbolt22.

Hmm…since my summoner was glowing (which was odd, since you didn’t have any units adjacent to my wall) during the Attack phase, I double-tapped on him to re-read his ability. But the game executed his ability! What the…!? So I was robbed of an attack. :-(

Is the game functioning properly when it a.) glows a unit whose ability isn’t applicable at the time, and b.) executes a unit’s ability when double-tapping on it?

Just picked this up as well. Up for some friendlies.


Mark L and I just concluded a game that literally went down to the wire. He played the Vanguards while I was randomly dealt the Cave Goblins, luckily the only faction I’ve ever played (via the physical version). Had he not accidentally skipped his Attack phase at the end of the game (we each had a wounded Summoner, one wounded Champion, and one Common) and forfeited as a result, he probably would have won. His Malevolence Champion had rolled 11 for 12 before his accident. She was possessed!

I was exhausted after the match, but at least I resisted the urge to throw my iPad against the wall after Malevolence rolled her 11th hit. :-)

Game Center lists you as owning Summoner Wars, but your name’s not on the invite list when I create an online game of SW. Any idea what’s going on?

Nevermind. responding to an old post that showed up as recent for some reason. The statement still stands though. The dice are cruel:)

Dave Perkins! Accept my invitation, you coward! There is no reason to fear me, for the RNG despises me. Just ask Jay and Joe; they’re pickin’ up easy wins off me!

(I can’t stop crying…)

I don’t really like this game, bra! Let’s play Lost Cities!

But I need to play someone in SW I can beat, despite my abysmal rolling. :-)

I haven’t purchased LC, yet. Will it ever get a universal upgrade?

If you’re looking to BEAT someone, you’d better try someone else. :P