Summoner Wars - September league

Yeah, the dice were not with me there. I expected exactly what you did, but figured gambling on 5 out of 8 for the win was worth it, as you would pull Sneeks back as soon as you could. I am not sure I made the right choice in one way though. I also had Khan Queso in my hand, and both chants of haste. So I could have taken three plague shots with him (expected value 1 hit), and then between him, Makenda and chant of growth had 7 attack dice. I think that is slightly better than the 8 attack dice I got. The way I meant I still had a chant of haste for later use, but probably that was not worth it. Oh well, with the rolls I got, it probably wouldn’t have mattered.

@Vincent19 the dices gods now have left me. 0/5 :-(

hereafter (vanguard) def Dave Perkins (fallen kingdom)
+1 for defeating last month’s runner up

The summoning surge + wall combo is tricky. Plus if you hit Kalon, you better kill him ;-).

I miscounted how many moves I had on my last turn. Somehow, the number “three” is tricky for me. Too bad, because I was pwning.

Sounds like a rematch is in order :-).

Got that right! Same teams?

Girl vs Undead it is!

I’ll also challenge…

Pacman (using either Fallen or Goblins)
Soonanother (using either Phoenix Elves or Dwarves)
sjgold (using either Dwarves or Fallen)

sjgold, I sent you a friend request.

Mark L over Mageical with Tundra Orcs. GG man, seeing that last freeze come down must have been difficult :(

Indeed, I feel kind of bad about this victory, as the early game rolls you got were not friendly at all. Trust me, I know how you feel. Still, you made some great plays in the late game that kept it close all the way through.

Vincent19 defeats Hereafter with Guild Dwarves in a challenge of dice!

Hadrosauron (orcs) defeats Thenafter (Cloaks). Vlox led me on quite a merry chase across the board, but was eventually run to ground.

BooTilps, I think you mean Hereafter/Thenafter!

Thanks. Fixed it.

Good game soondifferent. My cloak gambit is not paying off.

My half month of cloak is almost over! And 0 wins so far…

Pacman is the winner of the August league!

[+4] Pull off a win with four different races - [+6] for all races
[+3] Be the first to nine wins with a certain race
[+2] Win a game against last month's champion, Pacman
[+1] Win a game against last month's runner-up, Boojum/Ananab Tilps

Boojum and I are still playing our finals game, so the runner-up is TBD.

This month, would you please note when you earn one of these tags, so that I don’t have to break my mind every time I update? Thanks!

Whew! I don’t have my Ipad with me at work and I’ve been checking this thread to see whether you got the 2 hits on my summoner with the scrappers + whatever tricky fellas you have up your sleeve!

Now, I just need to not whiff all 4+ dice…

MrDannimal challenges Ananab Tilps, MNGwinn, and Mageical.

I’ll be using the Goblins, Fallen Kingdom, or the Jungle Elves.

Whoa, you can’t pick THREE nations, you cheating teetlepants!?

(Actually, I don’t care.) :)

Hereafter (Vanguard) def. Dave Perkins (Fallen Kingdom)

Dave, I thought you were doing well. Why didn’t you use any forced summons?

I picked the Fallen Kingdom in our re-re-match.