[Sundance TV] Hap and Leonard starts March 2nd!

Not sure if there are any other Joe R. Lansdale fans around these here parts, but his amazingly entertaining mystery/action/comedy series Hap and Leonard is coming to Sundance TV… next week.)

The books (set in the 80’s in Texas) relate the misadventures of an odd pair of friends. Hap is a peacenik Vietnam protester who was sent to prison for dodging the draft. Leonard is a gay, black Vietnam veteran who loves guns and fighting. The two friends get involved in various idiotic schemes usually started by those around them.

I haven’t read the last couple of books in the series, so I need to catch up. But this adaptation looks great. That they cast Michael K. Williams as Leonard is utter perfection in terms of casting.

I cannot wait for this one!

Thanks for the heads-up, hepcat. This sounds fantastic! Do you know if Lansdale himself is involved? Is he writing any of it?


Looks like he just gave it his blessing (he is featured in a short interview performed by, oddly enough, George R.R. Martin…I guess they’re friends). One of the writers actually made another Lansdale adaptation called Cold in July that I rather liked. So it’s being helmed by at least one person who I believe understands the quirkiness of Lansdale.

Did anyone actually watch this last year when it came out? It just showed up on Netflix (US) and I blew through the series in the last couple days- it’s only 6 episodes, so it was quick…

It was interesting. The cast is great, with a lot of chemistry, especially the two leads. I’d never read any of this series, but I’m familiar with some of Landsdale’ s other work, so I was relatively prepared for all the wacky characters. That said, it all felt relatively grounded in spite of the crazy bunch of characters.

I see a season two is about to come out (probably why v Netflix just added it), and I’ll definitely watch out when it shows up on streaming (no cable).

Season 1 didn’t really impress me all that much, but season 2 is clicking for me. It just feels like the novels. As a longtime fan of the books, I’m pleased with the direction it’s taking.

This just showed on my Netflix feed. Very entertaining series. It’s like Lethal Weapon in rural Texas. Two good friends with some great banter. Worth checking out.

Oh the leads are played by Omar from the wire and Marc Anthony from Rome.

Season 3 is off to a ridiculously entertaining start. I laughed more than once during the first 15 minutes or so. The actors are working well together.