Is here and I’m excited, there are two downtown venues both less than 3 blocks from work.

I’m here, I forgot Sundance had started, and went to Park City for dinner with my wife. What a mess.

I’ll be there from Wednesday morning on. Can you guys run the rest of the rabble out so I have an easier time getting around?


I really wish I could go, but would I count as rabble Tom? ;)

If you’re a Sundance goer everyone who didn’t attend in 81 is rabble.

So how did it go? The film I’m most interested in that I’ve heard about is Wrist Cutters. What are your picks? Report!

I had a friend see This Movie Has Not Been Rated, he said it’s a must see for all movie fans.

I saw Eve and the Fire Horse since it was released in Canada and it was a tremendously enjoyable movie.

But yeah… we need some more info!

I didn’t go this year.