Sunday May 25 is Gonna Be Big


Haha. The alien out of nowhere got me. What is that from anyway? I feel as if I should be ashamed for not knowing :(

Don’t be ashamed that you’re too young to have been a gamer in 1984. It’s from Rescue on Fractalus. Just think of it as my generation’s version of the dog coming through the window in Resident Evil. And if you’re too young to know about that one, let me know, because I need to close your account so you won’t be corrupted by all the sex, violence, and profanity on this forum!


No offense, Tom, but this is the Michael Bay treatment.
(edited to add an even better version.)

Gaaah why isn’t FIOS available in my neighborhood yet? I too demand things to be awesome!

This is cool.

Actually, the whole fiber to your home has given me a soft one.

Anyone know if they were expecting (or just hoping) to see any surface ice? I don’t see any and am curious how far down hey have to drill to find water-ice.

Wasn’t until today I actually got to watch Monaco, and it was pretty decent for a change–whenever you have rain thrown into an F1 race (especially this year with no traction control available) it should be a fun ride. Got sick of hearing all the Hamilton = Senna comments though, despite the fact he had a great race even after losing a tire after hitting the barrier on lap 6.

And of course feel really bad for Suteil; has an absolutely awesome race and freakin Raikkonen careens right into him, destroys Suteil’s 4th place (and his complete race) and Raikkonen still gets to finish. Sheesh.

— Alan

I was thoroughly traumatized by that alien in Rescue on Fractalus. I’d been playing the game for four or five hours and I wasn’t even aware of the possibility of an alien when it popped up. Also, I must have been quite young when I played it. I freaked out, turned off the computer, and ran upstairs from the dark basement that held my family’s Atari. I’m still annoyed that my game wasn’t recorded on the high score list.

Yeah, that was what was so sinister about it, it seemed like the game waited until you had played a long time and gotten very used to the repetition before hitting you with it.

— Alan

From what I understand, all of the ice is believed to be JUST below the surface, a few centimeters at most. So it shouldn’t be a problem to find any once they get digging with the robotic arm.

I’m sure they’ll see surface ice sooner or later though, as the lander is expected to be covered in up to 3 feet of carbon dioxide ice as the Martian winter rolls in. Unfortunately, it’s not likely to survive that.