Sundown comic

Vampires in the old west. Anybody read it? Any comments? Just curious.

I ordered it via Previews. Haven’t had a chance to read it though, I have lots of catching up to do this weekend.

Without spoiling, did you like it?

Hoping to pick it up today. Looks like it has promise. Let’s reconvene here to discuss. :)

Well I just finished #1 and I quite liked it. Particularly the 4 panel “reverse time travel” from modern Arizona that opened the book. Writing was overall quite good.

I did a google search for sundown comic, and gave up almost instantly, because I didn’t get an official website.

Does anyone have a link to it, or at least info about it?

Unfortunately, the “official site” link is incorect.

Thanks, looks pretty neat!

I liked it quite a bit. I’ll be adding it to my pull list for the future.

I thought the artwork was good and it meshed well with the writing style.