Sunless Sea - Kickstarted! From the creators of Fallen London


Boost definitely does. I had to remap that key, and the one that burns supply to repair damage to prevent hitting them accidentally.


Remapping those keys is a great idea. I accidentally hit boost in the middle of a long trip that I had planned and supplies for going all the way across the map. That started an engine fire that killed 3 sailors dropping me below 5 total needed to sail at full-speed. I had to limp all the way home at half-speed. Thank goodness I was only about halfway across the map when it happened.


Going full speed doesn’t use more fuel? Oh bloody hell.

I played some more last night. While I don’t need my hand held, the game should do a little more to get you going in the right direction. Also, the thing with Hunter’s keep is starting to be really annoying. The early game economy seems built around forcing you to stop at Hunter’s keep on your way in and out to get supplies. I want to stop there because I want to advance the story, not because the early economy is so heavily slanted against the player that not doing so is certain death.

I’m really getting the feeling that during the beta they didn’t get enough feedback (or didn’t listen to it) from players who were fresh to the game. Right now, I’m feeling like getting on your feet so you can continue is simply far more trouble than it is worth. This isn’t a pacing issue, to be clear. The pacing is fine with me.


Yeah. Repair in battle is… A really bad idea.

Turning the light off seems to conserve fuel.


I saved enough Echoes to upgrade to the Corvette. Very exciting :-)

It definitely changes the game a lot. Being able to equip a forward weapon in addition to the deck gun turns you from a scared rabbit (running from anything other than bats and small crabs) into a hunter. Plus the 200hp vs. the starting ships 75hp gives you much more of a margin of error. I haven’t had a chance to hunt down any of the larger animals (I still don’t think I’m up for taking on the icebergs or the nasty stuff on the far East of the map), but I figured the eels and larger crabs should be pretty easy to take down. I have been taking out the Pirate frigates, often with no damage taken if I’m careful. Just in case anyone is curious as to what they drop, typically either 1 fuel, 2 supplies, + 1 oddities crate or 2 fuel, 1 supply, + oddities crate.

I was quite worried on what doubling the hull weight was going to do to my speed, but it turns out even without upgrading the engine, there really isn’t a very noticeable drop in speed. I picked up one of the new Clay Stokers auxiliary they added just a few days ago which gives +250 engine power, +5 iron, but -3 crew slots, and it more than makes up for any speed loss due to the Corvette’s heavier weight. And with the 15 crew members, the loss of 3 crew members is much less of a problem than with the tramp steamers 10 crew members.

The one thing I do wish though is that the Corvette had more cargo space. It’s exactly the same as the starting Tramp Steamers. Even an extra 5 cargo spaces would have been very welcome. As someone pointed out earlier, the game really needs a London storage box. I’m starting to collect random stuff in my hold, just because I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to save them for still undiscovered storylines.


Tom’s review:


It sold pretty well, for this type of game. 100k

Lots of graphs inside.


While I think 4/5 stars is too generous I love this quote by Tom:

In science fiction, space stands in for what seas once were. We intuitively understand space, not because we can understand space, which is far too vast for us to understand. Instead, we understand space because we know the sea and we remember what it meant before we conquered it with ships and submarines and transcontinental flights.


Zubmariner DLC coming.

Go under the Unterzee.


I want to like the game. It feels cool and interesting as far as a world and mechanics goes. However the pacing drives me away. I suppose the pacing is core to the experience, but it is sort of like an MMO in that the pacing design seems to not agree with my life stage free time revenue.


Oh there’s definitely something wrong with the pacing.

I’m sure many of you guys already know this, but the way to get the game to run at a decent pace (except editing it) is to get the tanker, the fastest engine (which also uses the most fuel) that thing that lets you go full power without engine failure and just fly! It’s a pricy setup and you’ll burn fuel like there’s no tommorow, but it’s a way to try to see all the game has to offer without losing your real sanity.

I wonder if that zubmariner update will get me back into the game.


FailBetter games are ones that should appeal to me and I want to love. However I hit a brick wall pretty quickly with the core gameplay loop:

[li]Pick up one of your favorite books (the writing will be great)
[/li][li]Read the first chapter (probably getting interested and drawn into the world now, eh!?)
[/li][li]Now put the book down on the table next to you for about 12 minutes.
[/li][li]Okay, pick it up and read another chapter.
[/li][li]Roll a D6: 1-2 read 20 more pages; 3 put the book down for 5 minutes; 5-6 go back and reread the first chapter.
[/li][li]After completing the step above, you may continue reading from your furthest point in the book.
[/li][li]When you next finish a chapter put the book down again for 12 minutes.
[/li][li]Roll a D6: 1-2 continue forward; 3-6 fail state! Go back to Chapter 1, page 1 and begin Step 1.


In the beginning of the game I quite enjoyed the glacial pace, but they really needed to speed it up quite a bit later.

Better engines simply had to be faster; there are a bunch of stories and possible story locations I’d written down to go back to and check out but I’ll never read them now as the pacing finally got to me. I don’t think I ever even got one of the (I believe it was) 4 winning endings though when I quit my captain was in great shape to finish victorious.


I realize I’m resurrecting an old thread just for the purposes of saying I’ve belatedly decided to check this game out, but there it is. haha

It’s free all weekend and I’ve played about 5 hours today and had a blast, probably end up buying it, so their free weekend did the trick for me.




It took me all of about 5 minutes to kill my first captain, haha. The 2nd one I’ve kept alive for the rest of the time I’ve played it thus far. Which only means now I’ve got some history vested in him and the crew so I’m likely to report back next that I’ve gone and gotten them all dead as well, which I’ll admit, is gonna hurt some.




Glad to see new people being brought in by the free weekend. It’s a really great podcast listening game, along with Elite Dangerous and ETS 2.


Have you seen the first footage of the zubmariner DLC? It is pretty bare, though.


I think if these games were easily moddable i’d have been all over them. As it is their cross of old-school ‘hard to hide lack of content’ and modern ‘game the player’ design styles just rub too harshly for what i enjoy doing in my game time. If i could mod a few stats here and there (like make the fuel last a little longer, tiny tweaks etc) even add the content they lack, then they could be right up my alley.

As is (and i’ve been following threads on them) they just don’t warrant my time to get frustrated over. Even when Sunless Sea was on sale on GOG recently, due to this restrictive design narrative (and no desire to make modding easy), i just had to sigh and give it a pass. Which is a shame as i’m sure there is a whole bunch of people just like me waiting to enjoy (rather than suffer through) them.

There are just so many games now, so much choice.