Sunless Sea - Kickstarted! From the creators of Fallen London



One thing I wish of this game is that instead of giving me generic, abstract things like ‘Vital Information’ or ‘Moves of the Game’ or a ‘Searing enigma’ as a reward for some events or quests, it actually gave me together that a new lore tidbit that would be represented by the card. Tell me how the Khan guys are planning to manipulate the government at Port Carnelian, or what is behind the clockwork sun. The worldbuilding is the coolest part of the game, but it really gives you only scraps and tidbits. I read some cool stuff of the world of the game on Internet, but given how little I discovered in my current game, I’m guessing you need to play 50 hours to really get everything.


I cannot speak to the EA version of Sunless Skies, since I steadfastly avoided playing it.

But in the released version you encounter a loading screen in two situations only, as far as I can tell:

  1. When initially starting the game, there’s a 7-8 second load time once you choose to start it.

  2. When you change worlds – moving from The Reach to Albion, for instance – there’s another 5-7 second loading screen. You don’t change worlds very often in the game.


I too despise the journal, card, and “however we want to catalog this thing” system.


+1 like.

a. Which forum did you originally write this in?
b. What is your opinion on Skies?


I remember having this complaint with Fallen London, but for some reason it isn’t bothering me with Sunless Sea. I just started playing recently and maybe I am in the right head-space, but I love how this game is impenetrable in-part, inscrutable, and shrouded in mystery. I am just taking it all in while enjoying the ambiance of the soft water sounds or the beauty of a snowstorm. My first impression is quite strong and pushing me to further into the game.

I’m rather pleased so far. I might eventually be bothered with the repetition and slow pacing that I struggled with in Fallen London, but all of the actual added gameplay in Sunless Sea takes the edge and sting out of those complaints.


Sunless Skies is a better game in basically all regards.
Some comparative bullet points:

  • Combat still isn’t great but it’s at least playable and an actual noteworthy part of the game.

  • You can play it without story related wiki use. Storylets and decisions are much more clear and sensible.

  • The world is very enjoyable and much more diverse than in Sea.

  • It’s still facebook game grindy in too many aspects but not quite as much as Sea.

  • Sunless Skies still REQUIRES the cheat engine speed hack in my opinion. It’s such a minor thing (and rather annoying that you have to use a 3rd party tool) but it improves the quality and enjoyment of the game by a HUGE amount. (Speedhacked loading screens are no longer faster than normal speed ones, which I guess is a good thing from a certain perspective)

  • The world is better, more diverse and more fun to explore than in Sunless Sea. There are some disconnects between narrative and game design though. Albion is the center of a celestial British empire but it’s just a couple of tiny ports strewn about on a really huge empty map (again helped by the speedhack option). The Reach (the region you start in) is much better designed for spatial and narrative background.

  • The roguelike, death and linage system is still stupid and superfluous. Basically no gaming benefit, just a sink for your accumulated stuff to enable more grind. Storylets still do NOT get more interesting the third or forth time you do the exact same one (of course!). Yet the developers build a notable part of their game around just that.

  • Ambitions are puny, disappointing and silly still. Fame and wealth are 100% grinding based and boring. Truth and the 4th ingame-quest ambition are more story focused but don’t really manage to rise above the standard gameplay in any way and -also- include a lot of grinding.

  • The testicular cancer and Superman issue is still there. The world is extremely static, decisions have at best internal but almost no practical consequences. Nothing changes or develops. You are there to experience and soak in the present world and past storylets, not to create them.

Overall Sunless Skies still has many, many weaknesses as a game. But it is much better than Sunless Sea in practically every aspect. If Sea had any appeal on a person Skies is a far superior sequel.


Well, I prefer my games when the obtuseness is limited to inside the game wold, and not outside of it.

In other news, I modified my mod to increase the cargo space of all ships by 30. It was being a pain in the ass, as the game don’t have any warehouse kind of feature, and in between the fuel, the food and 5-6 rare items that I’m keeping to eventually use in quests, I didn’t have enough space to do trading, and gain enough money to buy a bigger ship.


First major update coming in early April, including a re-work of Albion.



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There’s a mod that adds a warehouse. Just FYI.