Sunless Sea - Kickstarted! From the creators of Fallen London


As far as I can tell there is one fixed map.

The terror mechanism means you will either retire (or die) eventually.
Currently when you do, you can keep one of your stats or your map.
You lose boat and all your cash AND the map resets to the start. …

I think I’ll set it down for a bit till it’s finished. I stopped beta testing games a long time ago and this feels too much like playing a beta.


maybe because that’s exactly what you were doing!


A couple of more recent YouTube tutorials:




I picked this up last weekend and I had a lot of fun with it, but I think I’m going to wait until the randomization kicks in later this month. It seems really hard to get cash though, since trading doesn’t really make you a whole lot, and I didn’t really understand the way terror worked when I was playing (I have since read up and understand it a lot better). It also sounds like the better ships and engines aren’t really worth buying, and there’s a lot of grinding to raise your stats up. I really like the writing style though, and look forward to playing more.


Just got an email that the Emerald build is live on Steam now, which appears to include randomization of the charts. So if that’s been holding you back, go nuts! I mean literally, you can go nuts in this game.


Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up buying Early Access titles.

Seriously, I had just made the decision this morning of no mas when it came to early access. Fortunately between taking advantage of the sale on Space Rangers HD earlier in the week and my getting the beta key for Sovereignty yesterday, I have enough to keep me occupied that I can resist the urge to grab this for a week or two. Maybe.


Bear in mind that as part of the changelog they warn that they’re changing development direction a bit in response to feedback, with the result that there may be less visible content in the near term. Basically they’re focussing on a) improving combat and b) making the stories more interconnected, so there will be fewer random stories appearing on islands. Especially with the randomised maps, which will presumably make it harder to pick up from where you left off when you die, it may not be the best time to jump in. The early game is quite hard/slow as it is, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.


not gonna pick it back up till it’s done.
not gonna pick it back up till it’s done.
not gonna pick it back up till it’s done.


But in this game’s case you get DLC content for free with EA. While not a fan of EA, I figure if it’s a game I plan to play, I might as well get the goodies and buy it now then force myself to forget about it till it’s done. Outside of checking this thread, mission accomplished… So far.


True enough, but with the change in development direction, it appears that it will remain in early access for the next few months, perhaps even up to the Steam Xmas sale


The “Steel” update with combat on the main map is out.

I probably won’t have time to play for over week, but it looks good - I’m a bit concerned about fuel usage during combat and how much terror you’ll pick up, but it has to be better than the old system :) (And I can mod fuel/terror rates)


I reserve judgment, since I have been waiting for the game to come out of Early Access before trying it, but if the system before was turn-based and this one is real-time (which sounds to be the case), I sincerely doubt I approve. This is not the sort of game I want to have come down to my personal dexterity and reflexes.


The previous system was pretty poor, really.


It was not turn based, but abstracted with no positional representation, based on cooldowns. You didn’t need dexterity, that’s true, but it was real time.

I have yet to play, but if the new version is slow paced yet real time, it will most likely be an improvement…


It was pausable real-time, which may as well be turn-based.


Is the new one not pausable?


I only played with it briefly, but I don’t think so.


I only played with it briefly, but I don’t think so.

That would be a bit weird given that the game in general is.


It is plausible, but in a brief go round last night I got the feeling that I was playing an arcade game. Not a good feeling for me.

I’m in the minority that liked the old system. I’m willing to see failbetter make this work. I’m trying very hard to not play it till it’s more fully formed.

Yeah, not doing so well with that.



Launch is on the 6th.
Launch trailer -

Massively improved, loads of feedback was taken on board, they changed the combat (and it needed it) to real-time and the map’s expanded by leaps and bounds over the last few months. Amazingly atmospheric, brilliant writing…