Sunless Sea - Kickstarted! From the creators of Fallen London


I’m curious to see who has the better atmosphere between this and Darkest Dungeon.


I’m excited. I backed this in Kickstarter way back, but have refused to load it up until it went ‘gold’. The trailer is looking good.


Darkest Dungeon because the narrator’s amusing. They both go “And the body didn’t have a head and was oozy and stuff. AwoooOoOoOoOOoOooOOoOOO” possibly to the detriment of the gameplay. In Dungeon’s case because they lock down the UI when your crusader yells “I’M CUMMING” each time a pig vomited on him for the last 3 combat rounds and by god you’re going to read each time, and in Sea’s case because they seem to treat the words like the ultimate prize and goal of the game. Was hoping for Sid Meier’s Pirates in a goofy setting and didn’t really get it.*

*Based on some early access play a while back. I’ll be giving it another go come Friday.


I might have that beat! I’m so excited I’m not even going to watch the trailer. :)

Seriously, though, they had a pre-release trailer that I thought spoiled what would have been a pretty incredible moment to experience blind.


the giant underwater eyeball



The words are definitely the ultimate prize and goal of the game. I don’t think there are finer writers in all of videogaming. (Except maaaybe at inkle.)


Still haven’t played since the combat was overhauled - I didn’t want to burn out before release. Is the current early access version basically gold?


No. Wait till Friday.


I signed in to get the “additional stories” from Fallen London, the screen said it downloaded assets and I have all the current stories, so do I need to sign in every time I play the game to use the other content?


At least my map feature is near Bruce’s. Geryk’s Scalpel sounds cooler than whatever mine was. McMaster’s cove or something.


Oh cool, never did find mine in the beta testing. Have to be one of the first things I go looking for when I get the final release.


I have played it once at the weekend but am waiting for the full release. I struggled with rations and having enough money to buy them. The atmosphere is superb though, played it in the dark with the sound up was very creepy and haunting.

Darkest Dungeon look sgood, stil another early release jobby, oh for a full version release of a game.


The McMaster Dinghy Launch.



I should take a picture of it. I may have already. Hmm. Looking through pictures now.


Oh I remember, I got Haven. so it’s McMaster’s Haven.


When I die in McMaster’s Haven, I’ll blame you.


No you won’t, you’ll be dead.


My crew curses you!


Are there any big changes coming tomorrow with the final release? I see you can pick this up now early access but is it the finished version essentially?


Achievements aren’t live yet, as far as I can see. There’s a few story additions going in as well I believe.


I’d wait until the final version to get into it. It’s tomorrow.