Sunless Sea - Kickstarted! From the creators of Fallen London


Yeah, from what I’ve seen so far, I won’t be playing with permadeath. I don’t need mo’ grind. We’ll sea (ho ho!).

Is that even an option (beyond being able to carry over one thing from your last attempt)? As far as I’m aware, permadeath is all there is.


I messed around with the beta a couple of weeks ago and it was a bit too grindy for me. Or I could also just be terrible at it. I could barely afford to keep my ship afloat, much less upgrade it to explore further. I’m going to give it another try once it’s out anyway because the writing is still really good.


It’s live and updating!

RPS likes it a lot, too.


I’ve quickly lost two captains already. To hunger and running out of fuel. RIP Ishmono and Monohab.


Time for me to get serious about this one! I tend to avoid heavy play with a game that’s still being built, but I do enjoy buying them during that period if they go on sale.


I was just notified of a 10% off sale for this, so the price has gone from $18.99 to $17.09. A strange and intriguing price. Like the game.

I’m in!


That’s dumb - I just bought this like an hour ago for $18.99. Sigh.


Early access purchasers get all dlc for free.


Oh… really? Well, that’s pretty darn sexy!


it’s not in early access anymore, though, right?


It isn’t now, but it was when BTF purchased it.


Nope. Reading the FL setting section on wikipedia is brief and sets up the mood, though :)


That’s pretty cool. I bought it last night after reading the Eurogamer review, hours before it left Early Access.


As far as I can tell with each death the world resets itself. There are at least a couple of quests/stories that are timed by your number of visits and then a trigger happens. Those timers/triggers are reset when you die and have an heir. Oh and the map is randomized too.

I’ve certainly played $20 or so and have not come close to completing one of the main goals.


Boughten. The reviews make it look appealing. I wasn’t crazy about Fallen London though. Will I like this? TIME WILL TELL.


So I’m liking this a lot. You can save and load, if you want, though if you beat the game without you get some kind of achievement. I haven’t so far, but we’ll see. There’s a lot of Fallen London cruft, particularly in the interface and all the cryptic little boxes that appear when you do things (Your Shaved The Abominable Constable Is: 4"), but the feeling of sailing out into the dark is great, the sense of danger and discovery is delicious, and the writing engaging. Thumbs up so far.


I still play Fallen London, which I enjoy, so I may try this.

Edit: Oops, somehow I missed all the earlier posts about the glowing Eurogamer review. Anyway, that review has persuaded me to try this.


I wasn’t expecting them to be using that exact same narrative system for this, and I guess I’m a little disappointed because I think it’s more confusing than informative. I got used to it in Fallen London after awhile, but having been away from that for awhile, I just don’t know what to make of some of the tooltips on the cards, like "Something Something is ". That’s it. I’m seeing a lot of cards referring to values that are just blank. (I can give better examples tomorrow when I play again; maybe someone can help me make sense of that.)

Anyway, the writing is tremendous as always and I’m itching to see what I can discover.


Seeing those same weird values, I figured they were bugs. (never played fallen london)


I took it to mean that the option is available only if you don’t yet have that card.