Sunless Skies: Victorian spaceships included

Lustrum was the last port in The Reach that I found. If The Reach is the Wild West, then Lustrum is outer edge of even that.

Look for Lustrum at out in the snowiest areas of the Reach. If you hear your crew talking about the Mother of Mountains, you’re getting closer. Lustrum is the port at the MoM. A most unlikely person there is the one to talk to.

As far as taking down ships from both sides, for a while it seems like you’re OK to do that. And then eventually either or both sides get sick of you doing that. At some point, you’re going to need to pick a side.

This is pretty awesome all around:

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we released Sunless Skies, and we’re really happy with how the launch has gone.

This is, by some way, the best critical reception one of our games has ever had. Sunless Skies has been called “Failbetter’s finest hour” by PC Gamer, “Terrifying and exhilarating” by PCGamesN, “Essential” by Eurogamer and “A triumph” by Gamespot. And at the time of writing we’re at 87 on Metacritic, putting us right below a few little known games in their 2019 rankings called, umm, Slay the Spire, Apex Legends, and Resident Evil 2? Needless to say, we’re intensely grateful and delighted.

Thank you to everyone who played Sunless Skies during Early Access: it couldn’t have become what it is without you.

Sunless Skies is doing very well for us commercially, too. Far better than we needed it to do. We occasionally receive sympathetic enquiries about our financial health from the community; to be clear about that, we’re in a very good position, and now we’re really looking forward to spending several months further extending and improving Sunless Skies.

Update Plans

In the next couple of months, we’ll be releasing at least one major update, with a focus on filling out the game with more to see and do while travelling, including more narrative choice and consequence and, of course, unusual ways to die.

We’re not ready to say more about the details just yet, but we think you’ll like what we have planned. We’ll be working on more updates with other areas of focus after this as well, with plenty of new stories, gameplay features and other improvements.

And naturally, we’ll continue patching the game to fix bugs and improve performance. We’ve already released three patches last week with more than 80 fixes and improvements; we’re working on another that should be ready in the next two or three days.

Thank you again, for everything. We couldn’t have done any of this without your enthusiasm, your feedback, and your support.

The skies are yours,

I am interested in this but want to know if it is any fun. Sunless Sea was remarkable for its writing and world but lacking considerably in actual entertaining game play.

I’m not sure I can do “fun” as a gradient metric, but I can say this: the game has got an awesome “one more turn” (or in this case “one more port”) hold on me. The upgrade path on your ship/locomotive and the leveling of your captain are both excellent carrots. There’s also a pleasing dynamism to the world. I may or may not have accidentally provided the spark to a fuse of rebellion against empire in the home world of Albion for instance (though Albion certainly needed something of that sort to happen).

Game came out January 31st. I’ve got about 20 hours in. For me, that’s AC: Odyssey/Witcher 3 levels of happy engagement.

I wonder if I should wait to play for real for when those future updates come out?

My gosh, when you upgrade to the Agravain-class ship…well. She’s got some serious get-up and go. Adjusting to the new turn radius is taking some time (I’ve left more paint on the walls of the docks at London than I care to mention). I am now zipping across the sky with tons of armor and twin Grimalkin cannons spoiling for a fight.

Think I’m heading back to The Reach and picking a side in the fight there.

What’s the benefit of multiple grimalkin cannon? I mean, I can overheat in a couple of seconds just clicking on the one…

I also just upgraded to the juggernaut today. What got me was the far more powerful side jet maneuver. The first time I tried to dock it I tried to made a small lateral correction and instead I slammed my bow sideways into the outer edge of station causing me to then spin out to the side of the slot.

Excessive firepower early in a fight! When I open up with those babies, with most enemies it’s a pretty quick fight.

'Ere we go.

Cool. Glad I waited to keep playing.

Yeah…I appreciate post-release support…but also it invariably makes me wait to play (or in some cases, purchase) the game until they’re actually done with it, because I’m not going to play games multiple times.

Major update incoming:

The Failbetter folks continue to support this amazing and excellent game – I loved it at release, and honestly it’s somehow gotten better since then!

New update today adds some buffs on specific monsters and combat…but then, because fans begged for it, also adds something as beautifully simple as a way to toot the horn of your space locomotive. Because that’s awesome.

And they’ve announced a major new free update and content coming in the early fall.

I like how bemused they seem about the horn, like “we don’t really know why this is so highly requested but here you go!”

Isn’t that something you could do in Sunless Sea? That could explain it.

It is, yes.

Trying to get into this, but there are a few things totally killing my enjoyment of the game. Granted I have not ventured outside of the first map so maybe things get better but…

  • First of all I did an entire mission set and actually lost points in my captain. That really made me angry as I had no idea that could even happen in the game as points are so precious.

  • 85% of my game is sitting there watching my slow as molasses locomotive move between ports… which happen to be really annoying to get to because there’s gigantic islands in the path which I have to take long circuitous routes around.

  • Port Winchester is now controlled by the Tacketies and the Stovepipes move their port up to Port Prosper. If I retire this captain I think I read it will stay that way? If so, that really ruins the future captain progression of my game as it makes it extremely laborious to turn in reports and plates.

Will things get better?

If I remember right (I haven’t played in a few months), you can turn in port reports to either faction.

This is correct but you have to turn them into specific places so you can use those individual favors for items you need.