Sunshine Cleaning

Okay, so my poor Google search turned up nothing, so that leaves me a bit surprised - No one’s seen this film yet?

Caught it last night - Pretty good little film. Is Arkin on a “Play eccentric grandpa figure in a movie with the word “Sunshine” in the title” kick?

Amy Adams, as usual, was fantastic. And it was nice to see Rajskub playing something besides Chloe O’Brien, even if her screentime is limited.

Yeah, I saw it a couple of weeks ago.

It was alright. I left feeling a bit disappointed. A few plot threads never really went anywhere (e.g., the extra-marital relationship with the cop just kinda petered out, but maybe that was the point) and the younger sister felt half-fleshed out.

It felt a bit “quirky for the sake of quirky” in a Diablo Cody-esque sort of way.

I just saw this the other night and although I liked it very much, I agree that some things were left hanging. At least we got a little bit of closure at the end.

Amy Adams really is pretty swell, huh?

I saw it several months ago. It was okay. The movie kind of lost me when Amy Adams insisted on going to her stupid reunion thing. And I thought the other sister was being pretty obtuse and cruel to Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Mostly I wanted more Clifton Collins jr.

Oh yes.

A film that has that aggressive “indie” feel and yeah it’s kinda sloppy plotwise but I liked enough of what it did to find it ultimately enjoyable.

i liked the beginning but pretty much hit fast forward at that same point.

also, is there a trope yet for wacky single brunette sister in an “indie” movie/show? (this, timer, united states of tara)