Wow. When I heard about the premise for this movie, I was completely prepared to write this off as another lame sci-fi movie in the vein of “The Core”…

But then i found out it’s being done by Danny Boyle. Now I can’t wait to see it. (Plus, it has Rose Byrne too…)

First trailers look promising.

Is that a russian virus? :)

Looks like a tough mission…

Yeah, its a good thing they brought Johnny Storm along…

Trailer in HD from Apple now.

I saw this last night, it was awesome. Cillian Murphy was fantastic as always, Chris Evans was great. Don’t believe the reviews that slate the ending as being a bit too off the wall - it’s actually quite straightforward.

Hiya deadlock! Saw the trailer in the cinema when I saw 300 - it looked great - mostly helped by the bitchin Clint Mansell/KQ music.

mrbloo, y’old git! how come you never come by and see us any more?

Also, how did you know it was me?

Less time personally (and in work) to go through the monster threads in PC :( PC’s more work to keep on top of; I can dip in here fairly easily.

I pieced your true identity together from many elements. Also how many people from Dublin called Dermot can be on here? It was worth a stab in the dark.

Bah. My secret identity revealed.

What happened to this movie? I thought it was supposed to come out in March. I’m still looking forward to it though.

It’s out in the UK/Ireland - they probably staggered the release elsewhere.

I think the US release got delayed until the fall. Everywhere else is April/May.

Just watched it in New Zealand. Awesome film. Really elegently put together, interesting, engaging story, ‘hard’ sci-fi (well, not as hard as 2001, but pretty good effort all round) and just plain all round fantastic.

I loved picking the homages to other films/tv. There are a few in there, most are subtle and don’t distract, but it is fun to find them. Eg, “It’s our last, best hope… for mankind!” hehe.

Go see it!

Oh my… it’s the same plot as Solar Crisis!!!

No wait… it’s the rest of the Solar Crisis movie!!! That’s what it is!

Great movie. I also thought of “The core” when I read about it. Not even close. This is what “Armageddon” was supposed to be like.

Saw it while visiting Japan. Terrible movie. Absolutely horrible.

I could go on for hours about how absurd and ill-informed even the most basic science was, but what really got me miffed was it abruptly turning from a sci-fi disaster movie to a slasher/horror flick 2/3 of the way through, and how every single plot point was based on people making insane, stupid decisions.

And uh, restarting the sun. With a bomb.


I guess the cgi was pretty though.

I don’t think it was supposed to be a documentary. Boyle/Garland deliberately left the science vague so that people like you wouldn’t be able to moan about it. Guess they underestimate the anal retentive’s penchant for whinging though.

There’s dumb science people whine about, like sound in space and spaceships that bank. I can accept that sort of stuff.

There’s dumb science like slingshotting around mercury for speed but then deciding to come to a stop where there’s been a ship that’s been staying still on the way to the sun for 7 years, then “restarting your engines” and starting back on your way again. I’m sorry you think that’s whining, but that’s just insultingly bad science.

And way to swing right past my argument. My point was not that the movie was bad because of bad science - it was that the movie was terrible period, and all the good science in the world couldn’t get past an idiotic slasher movie ending and a paint-by-numbers plot based on people constantly making terrible decisions in order to further the story.

Vibrating surgical scalpels - FROM THE FUTURE!

Not having a go but at lot of people wouldn’t even blink an eye at that sort of thing. I know I wouldn’t, I just accept science as presented in films.