Just got back from seeing this today and I have to recommend it. I have no idea if the science behind the whole plot is solid (probably not), but 90% of the rest of it feels like really good, hard sci-fi. Problem is that I found the 10% that wasn’t good to be a really bad distraction. Really bad in that it took away from what was so good, and really bad in that it was just stupid.

Overall I recommend it, but it’s just disappointing that the film had such a glaring flaw for me stuck in so much sci-fi goodness.

I saw this a month or so back (for whatever reason it was already out in Berlin) and thought it was pretty good. The look of the film was definitely pretty cool and I like pretty much everything Murphy does. But of course, the bizarre swerve about 2/3s of the way in sort of confuses the direction of the movie, even if the ending is pretty satisfying.

How does it compare with Solar Crisis?

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