SupCom: The How-To thread

While holding down rt for the formation click left to switch from frontline, to block, to column formations. It’ll be represented by the yellow ghosts.

The only way I know to do this is to delete the production queue items then have your engineers build instead.

Someone mentioned how to delete to be built items by clicking on the ghost icon (alt? Control? I forget) and then just tell your engineers to build there.

Not sure if there is another way to do this.

Here’s something I’m not sure of, when building arterly buildings and missle buildings there is a small circle that appears around the building when your placing it, and a larger circle which I assume means the range. Is the smaller circle for adjacent bonus? if so what is the bonus there?

Also I know placing 4 T1 power generators around your factory means you get %25 adjacent bonus. So does 1 T2 generator = 4 T1 on that side? Also what about T3 generators?

I believe the smaller circle is the minimum range of the artillery or missile. It can’t hit anything inside the circle.

Minimum range.

Is there a way to turn on an elivation map. It is really hard for me to tell if some terrain is higher then others. Frequently Ill have a line of point defense guns that can only shoot a few feet because they hit a hill I could not tell was there.

I would think moving the camera would be a quicker way to tell then reading an elevation overlay.

How to get the best ending:

Did you get your ass spanked too many times by T3 Gunships UL?

How do you get your automatch ranked wins to count? So far I’m 2w 2l on automatch, but only my losses are showing up on my record.

How? Gunships drop like flies with even basic anti-air defense.

I love how this became my main gripe about the game. Incidentally, I was totally right about them.

Sure, now they do, after I WHINED INCESSANTLY on QT3 and got them to change it. Actually, what I got from the patch was their damage was lowered and cost was raised, so they should still be able to handle T2 AA and below unless by “basic anti-air defense” you mean “build a matrix of like 60 turrets.” Which isn’t really that unreasonable when you’re talking to someone who plays and likes SubCom. (<-- see what I did there, ceasarbear?)

Hardly. No one disputed that they were overpowered and would be nerfed.

But you basically insisted they couldn’t be countered and were an “I win” button. What’s more, you invented several facts about their speed, cost, and efficacy. If that’s your idea of “totally right”, I’d hate to see what you’re like when you’re wrong.


We’re talking Broadswords here. I think they need a speed reduction rather than an hp/damage nerfing. T3 units should be dangerous, it’s just that air power doesn’t have as many counters as ground and surface and the T4 Air units are way more expensive.

It’s a shame more people don’t like the Sonalysts games. (Dangerous Waters only $20 on Steam)

No. I accurately stated that they were imbalanced.

What’s more, you invented several facts about their speed

I invented NOTHING, sir! I was googling around for stats and came across that page that erroneously listed its speed as greater than the interceptor, which I tested (then retested) and ultimately issued a retraction. It seemed too good to be true, but I figured why not pile on a little coup de grace, totally intending to FRAPS a video of the Broadsword flying figure 8’s around the interceptors making occasional stops to let them catch up a little then take off again, with Yakety Sax playing in the background. So you dodged a bullet there.

cost, and efficacy.

I don’t remember bringing their cost into the equation, really, much less inventing any facts about them. Though I did lament the shit out of their efficacy. Both were addressed in the patch, though. Maybe I should have been more explicit in my whinging for the GPG detatchment that monitors QT3.

If that’s your idea of “totally right”, I’d hate to see what you’re like when you’re wrong.

Fortunately this is a worry that you can shelve for now.

LOL Are you guys playing the same game?

Broadswords are Tech 3 Air. Repeat after me: Tech…3…Air! Which means min-to-late game.

And I already know that Tech 2 Flak, and and ESPECIALLY Tech 3 Missile Anti-Air turrets will drop them like flies. I would seriously laugh my ass off if someone came at me with broadswords…since anti-air turrets are sooo much easier to set up to where they’ll crush anything.

They are the equivalent to the Brawler gunships in TA, which die by the loads against any standard anti-air because they keep relatively still. Anti-air in SupCom is EXTREMELY effective against units that don’t continue to move fast and even ones that do! Add in Shield generators which will be up long before anyone builds a decent assault force of broadswords and they’re are even more screwed.

The Strategic Bomber is were it is at anyway. They are Commander killers. Two direct bomb hits and he is going nuclear!

Nice try, Uncle Larry. Here’s what you wrote in that thread:

Wrong. It was demonstrated that for less than half the cost of a T3 gunship, they can be countered with few T1 interceptors.

Wrong. T3 gunships do not unbalance the game by forcing people to turtle. That’s absurd and it was easily demonstrated in the other thread.

Just because T3 gunships were nerfed, which surprised exactly no one, doesn’t make your earlier comments any less absurd.


Let’s not clutter up a good info thread with this. Start another one if you must. Here’s a long and argumentative discussion on GPG forums about it

I just want to point out a few things. Broadswords have 422 hitpoints and the best T3 AA does 144 damage per second. Broadswords move as fast as T3 Strategic bombers and have anti-air that is effective against T1 fighters. Does possessing a few Broadswords win you the game? certainly not. Can a swarm of Broadswords overwhelm you if you don’t spend a considerable amount on AA, which has a singular role? they certainly can. This isn’t really a simple issue. If you think that Broadswords, as is, are blatantly an imbalance or obviously nothing more worrisome than T3 ground forces, then you are missing some points to the argument. It is a contentious issue, but not due to lack of thought.

I thought they were. GPG seemed to agree. I guess it’s pretty absurd to suggest they were imbalanced, since the developer nerfed them in half.

Adjacency bonus note:

A T3 mass maker normally takes 1500 energy to make 24 mass. However, if you put a T3 mass maker next to a T3 energy, that 1500 turns into 1216 - saves you almost 300 energy a tick! It also means that a single T3 energy plant can support TWO T3 mass makers, if you put them side by side. This is basically how my economy works late-game nowadays. I have a team always constructing T3 power plants, and another team that alternates between T3 power plants and two T3 mass makers right next to them.