Super Duper cheap way to wirelessly send music to amp?

I have about 80 “blank” CD’s of various music mixes I’ve made and it’s now become apparent to my wife and I, that it’s a major pain trying to find the right music when we want it. Plus I figure when I rip music from the CD’s to my computer, then pack extra songs onto each CD (or the stuff I have from iTunes), and put it back on a blank CD - I’m losing a lot of sound quality.

So I was wondering if there’s some kind of device I can get that will accept a wireless signal from my computer, that plugs right into my home stereo amplifier - and then I get music via the line-in. Is that possible? If it is, is there a really cheap way to do it that sounds good?

With all this talk about consoles accepting music or whatever (I don’t have a console), it made me wonder about an inexpensive solution for a PC person.


I think there’s a few other companies making these, but this is the first that came to mind.

Not necessarily cheap, but very cool:

Oh, you wanted cheap.

Sorry, I got nothing.

Here’s a cheap alternative that will fix your problem with blank CD’s.

Forget the cheap and get a Squeezebox… it’s the bestest.

Audio streaming for cheap isn’t really done. A lot of companies does them and almost all networking comapnies has a device.

Terratec Noxon used to be cheap, but the replacement Noxon2 isn’t really. The cheapest I’ve tried are the Logitech Wireless Music System or the SMC EZ-Stream Wireless Audio Adapter. Both are o.k. but nowhere near the Squeezebox.

If I had the money - that’s what I’d get. Pretty cool.

Kalle - yes of course we have them all labeled. But if you could my wife and my handprinting you’d understand it’s like trying to read hyroglyphics.

I actually think I might just really long cords, run it under the floor, and just swap them at my computer when I want to listen.

Used Xbox + Mod Chip = win.

Total cost approx 140 (might be less I dunno how much used xboxen are)

Yep, my XBMC streams like mad… Good remote, best interface you could have - incredible visualizer in the latest release.

Yeah, but Xboxes are noisy as hell between the whiny hard drive and the loud fan. I’d have to mod the crap out of it to get it down to tolerable levels.

How about CD labels, jp? You could type up the song titles with the software and label them all. CHEAPO!

quiet, cheap, good.

pick any two.

I’ve got my whole CD collection on my system and it’s 28 Gig of music. I thought the XBox HD’s were only 20 Gig?

5GB originally.

If you softmod you can replace it with up to a 100gb drive.

For chipped machines the sky is the limit.