Super Mario 3D World: when the end isn't the end

Title Super Mario 3D World: when the end isn't the end
Author Tom Chick and Scott Dobrosielsky
Posted in Game diaries
When December 20, 2013

Tom: Super Mario 3D World has more endings than the Lord of the Rings movies. Just when you think it's over, it's not because there's more to do. And then you do all that, and you get to the end and...well, I'd rather let you discover that..

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Congratulations to you both for beating the game!

"the option to follow the fast ghost[s] that specifically help you get better times"

This game has 12 worlds. Why did you stop at the 8th?

Ugh why are you guys so bad at mario games? That shadow alley bit? What did you do, just stand still? And grumpblump inferno downright SHOWS you what to do! Just look at the skipsqueaks! (mice things)

Most game critics aren't actually so good at games. In fact I think being really good at games hinders your ability to be a critic (sometimes - the exception would be critics who savaged Skyward Sword because they weren't playing the game right).
But at the same time, yeah, at some points this series I have winced at the descriptions of how incredibly "difficult" these levels are. Tricky Trapeze Theatre guys? Seriously!?