Super Mario Bros Wonder - Mario returns in gorgeous 2D (Switch) -Oct 20, 2023

This was announced on Nintendo Direct today. I’ve never been able to get into the 2D Mario games because they’re too hard for me, but with an art style this gorgeous, surely they’ll make this one more newbie friendly.

I really love the art style on this! I think that “what if Mario but on drugs?” is also a fantastic concept for a game.

Nice! These are always a good time, especially with my kids.

New Nintendo Direct on Thursday, set to be about 15 minutes long, focusing on SMB Wonder.

Edit: original live Direct video had the 30 minutes of nothing before the content started, it’s been updated now and only has the good stuff.

Here’s the Direct video as it was streamed live, so the first 30 minutes is just the countdown. Someone can post the new version whenever Nintendo releases it. This starts just before the 30 minute mark:

No surprise, this all looks brilliant. I like the online ghost players, cool stuff.

I just hope the basic gameplay feels better than New Super Mario Bros ever did. Could never quite put my finger on the difference but it just never felt like it controlled as cleanly as the classic 2d games and it just always turned me off to playing much.

Yeah, same here. Never enjoyed the New Super Mario Bros games. I’m really hoping this one feels better to play.

I’m really excited for this new game, especially with the badge system that will change the way different levels play. It sounds like a cool idea!

Also, I don’t know who here has young kids, but Yoshi doesn’t take damage and has the flutter move, and Nabbit doesn’t take damage and I think collects more coins. So for the little ones, that should be a big help.

Just for funsies, I’m going to play all 12* of the 2D Super Mario games over the next 50 days. I probably won’t finish any of them, but it will be fun to revisit since I don’t think I’ve spent a lot of time on the later ones. (Also I never played the Super Mario All-Stars versions of 1-3, and I only played SMW and SMW2 on the GBA.)

*sorry, I mean 11. I included Mario Bros. in my list, but it’s not technically a Super Mario Bros. game.

Just for funsies, I’m not going to play any of the previous 2D Mario games. Just thinking about that made me super happy just now. They’re so hard! Not playing them is super fun!

I’m totally in for SMB Wonder though. I never learn my lesson, I guess. I can’t believe I even bought Super Mario Bros U deluxe, thinking it’s a modern game so it would be easier.