Super Mario Galaxy (and other Wii games) running at 720P

Twilight Princess
Smash Bros. Brawl
Endless Ocean

I’d recommend turning off the sound, as there is a really annoying dude talking over the footage and attempting to review the game.

It’s gorgeous. I would happily spend another $50 on Mario Galaxy HD for my new $299 Wii HD.

Isn’t the idea that a hypothetical Wii HD would just overclock the Gamecube a little further and output existing stuff in HD?

It’s nice, but the HUD and some of the textures sure weren’t designed for this scrutiny.

amazing, if only the technology existed to put this an actual console. Perhaps Nintendo will come up with something by 2012.

I’ve never understood the way these stories rip through the gaming blogosphere. I could generate a bunch of NES, SNES, N64, PSX and PS2 screens in 1920x1080 if I want to. I’m not sure what that is supposed to prove, though.

They look pretty.

Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros looked nice, but I thought it hurt the look of Twilight Princess. They go from stylized to ugly and cheap.

It doesn’t benefit as much as Mario or Endless Ocean, and some of the textures need a bump, but I don’t think it looks that bad. Probably a net gain, overall.

Uh, it’s not a mockup. This is how it looks right now when you play it emulated on PC.

He is not speaking about mockups. He is also speaking about emulators. He is referring to the fact this is something normal in emulators, not newsworthy.

I think even Twilight Princess is significantly better uprezed and anti-aliased. My Wii is hooked up to a 1920 computer display and the scaler just doesn’t handle Wii content. Jaggies everywhere. Sometimes I go back to an old SDTV, particularly for any realistic style Wii games.

I’m almost tempted to finish Resident Evil and Twighlight Princess emulated if they really work so well.

I know. You can emulate all the platforms I listed at super-high resolutions, too. That’s not what I think of as “news”, or even “notable”.

Well I for one was surprised to see that Galaxy and other games are running perfectly, games that are just a year or two old. So I appreciate the post and I might try and set this up. I guess that’s what you get when one of the console makers decides not to jump a hardware generation, and it’s kindof a weird situation. Usually emulation lags by a least a couple more years. PS2 is 10 years old and it’s only been playable for a couple of years.

The emulator, Dolphin, is itself already like 6 years old. The hardware is well understood. Sound is still an issue. And speed. The funny thing is making this stuff run in high res isn’t hard because you are usually waiting on the CPU side of things. With modern GPUs it’s not difficult to turn up the pixel count and effects.

Also, Final Fantasy XII is a surprisingly gorgeous game emulated in high resolution.

See full resolution pic HERE.

I wasn’t following dolphin for the past 4 years, so seeing mario galaxy being played was a surprise - I am not minding this thread at all.

You make Satoru Iwata cry from atop his throne of gold.