Super Mario Galaxy Video

Mario as a bee for the win!

Very awesome how you use the pointer to attack enemies with the stars and then use a Smash Bros. spin attack to nail them.

That bit where he destroys the crystal and then drops inside the planet he’s on is similar to something they had in the demo at last year’s E3. The game was absolutely my favorite thing at E3 2006. I can’t wait to play this.

Looks fun.

Looks really good.

I really like how this looks. It may be my favorite thing to come out of E3 so far. I’m not surprised, I’ve liked how it looked all along, it’s just really nice to see it again. That may have something to do with how little there is to do with the Wii now, but I’ll give SMG the benefit of a doubt and say I’d be totally psyched regardless.

I was a bit skeptical after last year’s showing. Seemed a bit too straightforward and basic in concept.

What’s been shown now seems entirely the opposite. Planets and levels full of life and sprawling platforming sections. Lots of enemies scattered about, and less focus on mini-puzzles/challenges that take you from one teeny planet to the next.

I’m in full-on fanboy hype mode for it.

Looks amazing. One thing that’s really sticking out at me is that the level design is open enough that this could be the first 3D platformer with no camera issues. There’s no ceiling for it to get caught on, and because of the way the play surface curves, there are effectively no walls either.

Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me too much if there were no camera controls at all. Maybe just a button to center it.

It’s as surreal as the old Mario games… if not more.

Sunshine was uneasily similar to real-life, or some bland, gentrified cartoon version of it.

I bet this will be very good. I bet on it!

Looks awesome. Maybe even good enough to knock Mario 64 off the throne. =) I just hope the controls are intuitive. Running around upsidedown and sideways could get confusing and with the few Wii games I’ve played so far intuitive is not always the case.

I think this is the first video I’ve seen that actually makes me excited about this game.

For the longest time, I could never figure out how you were supposed to play the game. I was starting to think it was all about rocketing between tiny planets.

From this trailer:

It still looks like a lot of fun, but all the random collectibles cluttering up the otherwise lovely levels kind of kills my buzz