Super Mario Odyssey - ♬★ Jump Up, Super Star! ★♬

Friday! Will I be able to wait til Christmas? Maybe, but you all can have an official thread without me!

Full song and lyrics!

I won’t be waiting! :P My son and I both pre-ordered this and are bouncing around the house looking forward to it (his favorite Mario game is Sunshine, which it sounds like this is the development branch for, if not a sequel or anything). I damn near grabbed the collector’s edition strategy guide for my collection, and I yet may.

I really can’t understand what this game is all about without custom emoji in its thread title.

lol! It has custom emoji on your mobile device. :)

Ha! I’ll check it out in a moment. Kidding aside, I very much want this but…I’m an unreconstructed Musou fan who just picked up Fire Emblem so I’ll have to wait. I am really looking forward to reading youse guys’ impressions, though.

Hmmm… actually, Discourse seems to have messed up the formatting. :(

I’ll have to make some alterations…

Oh dear God. Hard mute on this thread title. Have fun, everyone!

Gah! It’s going to be hard to resist picking this up if there’s a whole thread devoted to it. I think I’m stuck waiting until at least next week, though.

This thread title gives me a very Super Mario Sunshine vibe, which makes Odyssey easier to resist, since Sunshine is the only 3D Mario game I didn’t love. Actually that’s an understatement. I didn’t only not love it, I really disliked it. The sun was blocked or something in the story, and it gave the game a very unpleasant feel. Plus x-axis look was inverted, so I was always aiming the camera the wrong way.

Mad respect to your son though, if he was able to handle the x-axis look inversion. I was already over 30 when I played Sunshine, and my brain just couldn’t adapt.

So pumped for this game. Friday 9AM is Friday 5PM here so I get to play it right after work as soon as it comes out. Couple that with stranger things and this is a lazy weekend.

Curiously, I think Mario Sunshine is the only 3D Mario game I’ve ever beaten. In fact, it might be the only Mario game I’ve ever beaten.

Good thing I don’t have a Switch or this would be really tempting.

Yoshiaki Koizumi is one of the Producers on Super Mario Odyssey and he was the Director on Super Mario Sunshine. He’s worked directly alongside Shigeru Miyamoto and did so on Super Mario 64. You can read all about it here…

He’s also the “general producer” of the Nintendo Switch hardware and he’s kinda one of the new “old” faces of Nintendo. There are a bunch of younger people doing Directing and Designing for Odyssey though. I think if anything, the reason this has been garnering such widespread acclaim from people who have played it is there are a lot of people with new ideas sorted in alongside some really seasoned veterans to make this game.

Kenta Motokura, the Director, was also the Director on Super Mario 3D World and has been high up with the Mario games since Galaxy.

Video game making is always about the people IMO, and this one has some of Nintendo’s brightest on it.

Mad props to you too man. I highly respect anyone that can handle the controls in that game. I was severely humbled by it. I think if I’d been in my 20s, I could have adapted, but it was really hard to finally admit that I was getting older, and I just couldn’t process the controls. Stupid older brain.

Don’t get me wrong: I did not complete Sunshine. That game was hard as fuck. And I’m really bad at 3D action-adventure games in general. But I liked it enough to play just enough levels to get to the final boss, at least.

And yes, the camera fought me every single step of the way.

I can almost guarantee those issues won’t apply to this game. :)

Interested to see how it plays portably, since previews indicate that the game seems designed around using a joy-con in each hand, to take advantage of seperate motion controls. Obviously while portable, or using a pro-con, you're not going to get that dual motion fidelity.

Wow, I just realised the game is apparently only 10 hours away from unlocking here (midnight)… and no work tomorrow. Hmm…

I think I lasted about 30 seconds with that music video. Eeesh. Horrible.

I loved Super Mario Sunshine but my tanks inexplicably ran dry before I reached the end so I didn’t quite finish it unfortunately. Super Mario Galaxy however, I did finish, and it was such a joy thanks in no small part to the music. It’s also home to one of my favourite Mario themes, Gusty Garden Galaxy, composed by Mahito Yokota–not Kondo!

If Mario Odyssey is anywhere near as good as those two, and I’ve no reason to believe it won’t be, then I’ll be very happy. I can’t wait to hear it too.

Gusty Gardens is sooooooooo good. I both hate and love this horrible cheesy theme song.

I have this game just sitting on my switch, waiting for nintendo to grant me permission. I love preloading in theory, but whenever I preload it just makes me angry that I have a full game ready to play but can’t because of an arbitrary date.

It really is. Goosebumps guaranteed.

Wait, is that supposed to be the main theme of Odyssey?

I mean I doubt it plays more than once in the game but it is featured too heavily to not be in the game at all. Hopefully its part of some crazy intro sequence.