Super Mario Odyssey - ♬★ Jump Up, Super Star! ★♬


I was on Splatoon 2 recently with some friends and one of them mentioned how fantastic Super Mario Odyssey is meant to be and I joked ‘How fantastic are we talking here? Breath of the Wild ‘fantastic’ or actually fantastic?’. We all laughed, ‘Shots fired!’ ‘Fighting talk!’ etc.

The co-op element in Odyssey made me ponder why Nintendo haven’t made a full-blooded co-op focused game involving the Mario bros. They’re big on local multiplayer and sharing experiences after all. The Switch seems like a good system for it too with the bundled Joy-Cons.

This thread made me buy a switch.

Not this game specifically, but rather it reminded me to check to see if I could buy a switch, and they were actually in stock on Amazon.

I had wanted one for a while, but they were consistently a hundred bucks over MSRP because Nintendo’s production management sucked so bad.

It was called Super Mario 3D World.

Yeah, c’mon! 3D World is fantastic, especially with kids/friends!

As for the theme, I love it, obviously. I’m a huge fan of Nintendo’s recent love of big band music with their themes and this is like the biggest culmination of all of that. They kicked off the Switch reveal with the Big Band and Rock Band live music. They get top musicians for this stuff. I think it’s really cool and it gives a game a specific identity. Also, it’s the return of Pauline!

For some more Nintendo Big Band…

So pumped for this. Got a switch in May for this. Best Buy preorder is in store ready for pickup. Though it looks like my Bowser and Peach Amiibo are not going to be there…

I’d actually forgotten about 3D World, and I haven’t played it either.

Wait, is Odyssey different than 3D world?

Cheers for sharing that! I know what I’ll be listening to later…

Other than being like 4 years newer? Yes.

Oh, 3d world was some Wii U game. Gotcha.
I kind of skipped that whole phase of Nintendo.

Whoo-hoo early Amazon delivery!

This is disappointing where I mostly play the Switch in handheld mode.

Most of the reports Ive read indicate the motion controls are completely optional and unnecessary to do almost everything in the game.

Edit: so I got about 15 minutes with it before my daughter wrestled the controller away. Very early verdict from both of us…we love it. It’s really good, I will be playing more tonight.

Zelda has some motion control parts that are damn near impossible in handheld mode, but FAR easier when docked and using the joycons unattached from a grip.

Interesting, I find the motion controls in Zelda work best with the joycons in the grip. I tried using them with the joycons seperated when I first bought the game, and found them kind of wonky.

Looks like Amazon screwed up and my copy won’t get here til tomorrow. It should be Out for Delivery by now and it’s still lingering elsewhere. sigh

Heh. This reminds me of the day Super Mario Galaxy came out for the Wii. I was working for a software company in Corporate Woods in Overland Park, KS at the time. I remember Toys R Us had a sale where you could get the game for $10 off, so I desperately wanted to get to the store that Friday. I normally took a 20 minute lunch break, but on this day I took my lunch break early and ended up driving though traffic light hell for 20 minutes to the nearest store. But of course, they were out of stock at Toys R Us, so I ended up going back to work hungry in more than one way.

After work I stopped at a Best Buy and picked it up at full price after putting a copy on hold online, to make sure I didn’t make another trip to a store that day only to leave empty handed.

Amazon has really lost the plot with release day shipping as a selling point for Prime. I probably won’t bother renewing next year unless something changes soon. I can get 20% off at Best Buy and not have to deal with this crap. I don’t think I buy enough from them otherwise to really justify the yearly fee.

Yeah. I have had the same issue. I just bit the bullet and signed up for gamers club unlocked at Best Buy. They haven’t done me wrong yet, and the 20% off applies to all new ganes, and some non game items, like Amiibos.

Going to swing by my best buy after work to pick up my preorder.