Super Mario Odyssey - ♬★ Jump Up, Super Star! ★♬

I got my Destiny 2 copy (actually a code in a box) on release day. But I’m all digital on Switch, even with the Nintendo tax. I’ve lost too many carts not to.

Sometimes the tracking information isn’t updated. Does the estimated arrival date say tomorrow or still say today?

I actually got my Amazon copy on Thursday and my Mario/Rabbids copy on release day, it’s weird how hit or miss it is.

It says arriving by 8PM today so I haven’t lost hope yet. I won’t be home until late anyway because of football and poker so if it’s there I’ll get a few minutes with it and if not I’ll play it tomorrow. I’ve decided it’s probably too good not to play it right now. There are other things to put under the tree. :)

Best Buy’s deal just seems better all around because not only do you get the 20% off on every new game, you also get rewards points that will get you another $5 off later! Sure, no more Prime video, etc. but I can live without that. I’ve got about four months left to decide what to do…

I use Amazon enough I get a decent amount from the cost, which my wife likes for the Prime shipping anyway, but I have been tempted to do the Best Buy thing for awhile now, since someone on this very board pointed its existence out to me. We have a Best Buy not too far away from us even, and I love the idea of getting games I missed out on for 20% off and walking out of the store with them, too. I’ll almost certainly do this at some point.

Best Buy also had a bonus $10 in rewards for preordering this game bringing it to effectively $40 so yea, no brainer. Picking up my copy tonight :)

Yeah, that too. When I saw that deal I was kind of floored. I doubt you’ll get this game for $40 without one of those Buy 2 Get 1 Free deals happening in the next few weeks before holiday shopping starts in earnest.

No Mario for me. Amazon fail. Package is stuck in NJ. Thanks Amazon!


I ordered three weeks before release. Shoulda been here on time.

That’s really dumb. It must be down to distribution/warehouses, my son didn’t order his copy until Friday and his is on the same order my copy (from months ago) is on, which is out for delivery right now. Sorry to hear that. :(

Our copy arrived today, and we didn’t order even two weeks in advance…and we can’t even play yet, because the Switch itself is still on layaway.

I hope your copy arrives quickly, Dave!

Dammit! Go digital now and ebay it when it arrives. :)

This is incredible so far. Bad timing with Stranger Things season 2 in some ways!

I’m really enjoying it so far but I wish there were less moons they seem so trivial to get most of the time. A lot of it is Easter egg hunting moreso than challenging platforming thus far.

I think if you go into this game expecting it to be about challenging platforming, you’re going to be disappointed. I don’t think there is any.

That can’t possibly be true. There’s challenging platforming in every Mario game. It’s just usually a little later in the game in the more modern Mario games.

Awesome. Even better…

That’s really dumb. Have you contacted support yet? See if they will at least comp you a few free months of Prime?

Its not just you Dave, something is borked with amazon. I think we live near each other. I’ve had 3 packages in two weeks get delayed at that Swedesboro facility, including my copy of Mario. I bought it digitally after seeing it delayed today and plan on talking to amazon support tomorrow so I can at least get the return shipping comped.

Dave, definitely hit up Amazon support, even with an email or chat. At the least, they’ll extend your Prime membership.

I’m torn on whether to get this. I don’t want to to hit parts of the game only to discover there are items I can’t get/goals I can’t reach, and nowadays a lot of my Switch usage is when I can’t get the kid off the Xbox One. :)

Yea every game starts easy and gets progressively harder, especially as you close in on 100%. They leave the critical path easy for the kiddos but there are always some challenging optional parts.

Difficulty is not the MAIN issue though, it’s the ease and frequency in which you get moons. They are more like Korok Seeds than Shines/Stars.