Super Mario Odyssey - ♬★ Jump Up, Super Star! ★♬


How is that an issue? I’m sure there are a bunch that are really tough to get.


In Mario 64 there were 6 stars on every level plus a bonus star for getting 100 coins, it’s heen too long for me to comment on the distribution in sunshine, in mario galaxy there were 3 easy shines per level and then anywhere from 1-3 bonus harder to get shines per level that we’re easy to know existed but hard to actually get. In this game there are literally over 50 moons per level that are hidden throughout the map with little to no direction. My problem is with the discoverability of the moons thus far but I’m not very far in, maybe that changes.

I’d rather they had less moons and more focus. The stage design is incredible, I just wish there was a mario 64 mode or something where you could select a moon mission that would show a 3 second cutscene that shows the important set pieces for that specific objective.


Got it, you wish they’d made Mario 128 instead. ;)

I always enjoy games about exploring, figuring out little puzzles, and collecting stuff so quite digging this new direction with the moon currency. I believe you don’t need that many to get through the game, but you do need quite a lot for… something.

With discoverability, the map points to your current objective. Speaking to Talkatoo gives you a clue to an undiscovered moon, puts it’s name in your moon list in grey. Seems to cycle between three different moons that you’ve yet to find.


And Toad will give you the exact location for 50 coins.


Seems much more up my alley than a typical Mario game as well. But then it stands to reason those wanting a more pure platformer might not be so thrilled at first blush.


There are definitely some difficult platforming sections in this game but so far they’ve been more involved in then off the beaten path stuff then the main “quest”. There’s some really cool “platforming” bits in various captured forms too.


Yeah that’s fair enough. But seems like mainline Mario is about re-invention and wild creation, and the “New Super Mario Bros.” series is now the standard platformer. I wonder if we’ll get any of those on Switch too?


I thought that Mario 3D World was a pretty good translation of 2D platforming focused Mario into 3D. This is very much not that, but I’m glad they keep switching things up with the mainline games.


Amazon screwed me on this one, too, if it makes you feel the tiniest bit better. I had my weekend pretty well cleared and everything. More time for Guild Wars, which isn’t bad, but still. First one they’ve missed out of about a dozen release-day-deliveries.


I’m about 5 worlds in and I have similar opinions about the moon collection. There are so many of them that it doesn’t feel particularly rewarding to earn any of them, and there are very few that I thought were creatively placed as they were in 64 or sunshine. I also haven’t been too fond of the “8 bit” sections so far. They are cute the first couple times but they are starting feel like boring instances of the original Mario games. I hope they get better as the game goes on because it’s a neat idea.

Aside from those complaints, I’m having a really fun time playing this. The worlds are beautiful and its a joy to see what kind of enemies I can capture with the hat and what kind of effects I can gain.


Beat bowser tonight. I’m going to go out on a limb and not mark that as spoilers. Finished with a little north of 250 stars. Now it’s time to hunt some more. I don’t know how many moons there are total but I kind of get the feeling that I’m not even half way there which is insane because I feel like I’ve really turned some worlds upside down looking for stuff.


You are not half way there.


I’m pretty close to the end of the main storyline (I think, anyway), and I’m not sure what to think of the game. While it certainly is a great game, it still feels like it hasn’t presented any really satisfying challenges before me. I’m hoping that the post game content and power moon collection will help with this. I’m not even a fan over overly difficult games either, I just want to feel like I’m overcoming challenges and improving my skills instead of just “going through the motions” at each kingdom.



Oooh and you can use Amiibos to find moons too. After five minutes your map will be marked with a X showing a location.


I picked this up and then got sucked in to finding moon after moon after moon in just the 2nd area (Cascade Kingdom) I stopped at around 15. There was just one after another. What I found a little frustrating, was that some areas that weren’t previously accessible were all of a sudden accessible, no real rhyme/reason as to why the particular area “opened up”

They do have a lot of tools to help find the moons though - Cascade Kingdom along has some 25 moons to find. (I was able to find all the kingdom specific coins easily enough there though)


Stuff seems to open up after you beat the level’s boss. The sand level seemd to have a thematic reason for that happening, but yeah … I wouldn’t think too much about it. :)


I’m having a ton of fun with this. It all controls just so perfectly, and I’m loving the variety of each level.

The way I’m playing it is to just naturally explore each level until I have enough Moons to go to the next level. Instead of sweating it and exhausting every corner of every level, I’m just spending the 30-45 minutes on each one before going onto the next. Seems to be more fun that way. And then I know when I “beat” the game I’ll have a billion reasons to re-explore each of the previous levels with more context and areas unlocked.


I think it’s 999 reasons. but yea. there are a lot of moons out there! :)


In their latest financial call, Nintendo estimate that the global sell-through for Super Mario Odyssey has already exceeded 2 million units in just its first 3 days.