Super Mario Odyssey - ♬★ Jump Up, Super Star! ★♬


I’m the opposite, spending hours on each level and getting about 75% of the moons before moving on. Keep thinking ‘one more’ and then getting another clue or seeing something new pop up…

Explains why I’ve not seen many worlds yet! :)

edit: I did read this, which agrees with you that skipping through is the best way to play:


After finally beating the game, I feel like I can finally start to really dig into and enjoy it fully. Its kind of the opposite of BoTW, in that the game is pretty linear up until you beat it, then it really starts to open up. Not sure if I like it better than BoTW (probably not), but it sure is a suburb game design that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


It’s funny that this thread is what caused me to check to see if Amazon finally had switches in stock, and since they did, I bought Zelda and this game… and I honestly don’t know when I’m ever gonna get a chance to actually play it now that Zelda has consumed me with no end in sight.


As an ending to my story with Amazon, the game did arrive on Saturday. I just haven’t had any time to try it since then. Too much going on with kids, exhausted by the day or the TV is in use and I prefer to start it on the big screen. I hope to play tonight.

I have another Amazon delivery that’s delayed for a laptop power cord that was Prime and should’ve been there by Sunday and still hasn’t arrived. I think I’m pretty much done with them now. I will switch to Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlocked in 2018 and that’s it for Amazon and me unless they fix something between now and then. I’ve also had to order things like the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Special Edition for Gamestop (and the Destiny 2 one also for my son) this year because Amazon didn’t even get them. It’s just not worth it to pay $100 for a year and not get the benefits I’m interested in. 2-Day shipping and 20% off has always been the primary benefit for me. Heck, I can’t even pre-order Star Wars: Battlefront 2 at 20% off because they don’t have the physical copy for pre-order.


I find this highly intimidating:


This game started out pretty slow for me. The early moons are trivial to earn, the Broodal fights were uninspired and repetitive, and I was really missing the more deliberate, longer form challenges of games like Mario 64. It wasn’t until the last couple of levels that things started coming together for me where I started to see hints of more interesting and complicated mechanics. And even then, I didn’t fall in love with the game until I defeated Bowser and was able to really buckle down and start digging deep into the worlds. It turns out there’s a LOT to do. I’ve spent quite a few hours wandering around two of the worlds, scooping up most of the moons there, and it’s been pretty magical. I’m excited about how much gameplay there is still left to uncover.

Mario Odyssey is easily one of the best games that has come out this year and I’m starting to get the feeling that once I’m done with it, it will have been one of the best games I’ve ever played.


Hey, thanks for posting. I put the game down after finishing the desert world pretty unimpressed and wondering what I was missing so it’s nice to hear from someone else who it didn’t click with right away. I’ve meant to get back into it and this is good motivation to do so sooner than later.


I saw something on Reddit where someone said that the game was not meant for the “100% each world, then move on” playstyle. The current recommendation seems to be to make a beeline for the end to open up the post-game as soon as possible, THEN start your journey to completion. Seeing impressions from people here and elsewhere, that seems to hold up.


Nobody’s said what actually “opens up” though. Is it a spoilery thing? If so, don’t reveal it, but I’m mostly struggling to see what difference “finishing” first would make other than pacing-wise That said, I have no idea what to do with these giant cubes that each world has, so maybe that’s only solvable after initial completion.


Yea this is the best strategy. Levels change slightly after you clear the story content and then more moons open up after you beat the game.


It does have to do with the giant cubes, and it’s not super exciting so don’t get your hopes up too much. I don’t consider it much of a spoiler but I’ll tag it for those who are sensitive. What it boils down to is you can go through the game slowly and collect everything before moving on if you’d like, but you’ll have more work ahead of you on each world once you defeat Bowser. It makes more sense to complete the game first, but it’s not a big deal either way.

After you complete the game, you can open up the cubes on each stage and the world will populate a bunch of additional moons to collect.


Mario games have been very backloaded with the “tough stuff” for a long time now. I think the idea is that your standard player is not put off by difficult platforming and plays through to the “end” of the game, enjoys the story, doesn’t die all the time, and basically has a very good time. For those of us with some skill, that’s when the game really gets good.

I have 144 moons and I’m at the Snow Kingdom having just “completed” the Seaside Kingdom. I have had a ton of fun in each one even though I haven’t been tested much to this point. I kind of disagree on the bosses too as I’ve found them to be inventive and enjoyable even when they’re not difficult, specifically the Broodal. They remind me more of the mid-level bosses in prior games.

I absolutely adored the New Donk City bit during the concert. This game makes me smile. :)


I’m trying to get used to that long-jump / throw hat / pounce to hat / dive trick but I haven’t seen a good guide at how to do it. Any tips?

The best I can figure out is you need to start the Ground Pound move which then enables you to dive, but the rest I’m not sure about.


What is with the loud clicking in that video? Which controller is it that makes so much noise upon use? The regular Switch controller? The Pro Controller? That would really annoy me.


I think it’s:

Jump -> Y to throw -> ZL to start pound -> Y to leap.

I think the subsequent jump off the hat is automatic, then you can do it again. My trouble with the move is figuring out which buttons are okay to hold or not. Like, I don’t think you can hold ZL and push Y. I think it needs to be two separate button presses.


No controller I own makes that kind of noise. Everything is quiet.

It almost sounds like an arcade stick and buttons. I really don’t know what’s going on with that.


It’s not in the Action Guide but the move does show up later in the game as a tutorial hint in one area.

You basically jump (b), throw hat (y), then dive (zl+y) but hold y when diving rather than release it.


I don’t think it makes much difference besides pacing. If you spend a lot of time combing an area looking for those last elusive moons, you’ll probably have to do that again later after you unlock more of them.


Thanks guys! I’m surprised it shows up as a tutorial hint. The fact that you can only dive after starting a ground pound made it seem like a bug/exploit!


The standard dive is in the action guide though. It’s just a combo that happens to use the ground-pound button, like the roll.