Super Mario Odyssey - ♬★ Jump Up, Super Star! ★♬


If you have any further trouble, Kotaku has a very helpful visual guide, which breaks down each controller input and points out bad habits to avoid. Since platformers aren’t my strong suit, I found an open area and practiced for a few minutes until the move was committed to muscle memory.

I “completed” the game last night with 276 moons. There’s still so much to do!


I have two sets of joy cons and both sets make loud clicks when you press the buttons. It drives me crazy and drives my wife crazy. I hope future Joy Cons don’t make that noise. FWIW, I bought the Switch in July.


Ah I missed that part. Thanks for the tip.


The Luncheon Kingdom is brilliant!


It sure is!


My advice would be to make a beeline for the ending, as more does open up. The final kingdom is really great too.

Like all modern Mario games, it is easy to finish, but hard to 100%. The challenges come after the “finish” Of the game.

By all means collect everything you want to, but don’t feel like you need to 100% each world as you go. The game allows you to go back to every world at any time, including after the end of the game.


That’s my least favorite world by far. The boss fight is good at least though.


I’m at the very start of Bowser Kingdom now. I found the painting in Luncheon Kingdom that gives you a taste of Mushroom Kingdom. I really loved where you ended up after that warp. Very cool throwback.

There is some excellent platforming in the kingdom I posted about above. The game was asking more of me and I was delivering, but with a number of failures. I really like how the ten coins you lose when you die are often within reach not far into the hardcore platforming levels much like a 1UP Mushroom is in more recent games. If you can get that far, you’ve essentially lost nothing and then you try again. I just think the setting and the denizens of that world are so inventive. There’s also a lot to roam around and find.

I am definitely beelining for the end now. I really haven’t lingered too long in any one Kingdom for long throughout the game. I have something like 240 moons.


The latest video in the excellent Game Makers Toolkit series discusses the design of Odyssey.


That’s good stuff. Well worth the 12 minutes of anyone’s time.


Agree, that was terrific. Platformers aren’t my thing at all, and I’m terrible at them, but this video points out how ingenious Nintendo is at designing them.

(I am playing SMO, even though I’m terrible)


thanks for the link on the video… those jumps!! crazy!!! I want to give them a try - although I doubt I’ll be able to scale up a wall like he was!


There are a bunch of really great videos for Breath of the Wild too. Totally worth searching out. Nintendo published like five of them with the devs/musicians and talk about how they built the original prototypes, etc. All good stuff.


That was my least favorite from a gameplay perspective but the setting is cool.


I just “beat” the game last night - no spoilers, but what a fantastic and unexpected final sequence!

And while I’ve read plenty about how “beating” the game is just the beginning, I’m really impressed with just how much there is to do after you beat the game. And in ways far more varied and creative than I expected having heard that fact before beating the game.

Such a wonderful game.


Anyone spoiler-tag me a clue on finding art-related moons?

I’ve got two moons to go in the Cap Kingdom, but even with Xs on the map and the names of them I still can’t locate them…

One name is “found with Cap Kingdom art”, and one of the two Xs seems to point to a piece of clue art hanging on a wall, but the art is for another level.

I do have a bit of Cap Kingdom art that I picked up elsewhere (big hat tower with the moon framing it in a certain way) but I’m not sure how to make use of it. I’ve tried going to a place that matches the framing of the image but not really been able to do it.

edit: Okay I worked it out… you have to find the moon that the art clue in the current kingdom points to. The moon is in another kingdom but actually counts towards the kingdom the art resides in.


Mario Odyssey is the portable Dark Souls we’ve all been waiting for. Bowser is Gwyn. Captain Toad is Solaire.


It certainly makes my palms sweat in the same way!


Praise the Sun! ☀️


My son just got a Switch for his bday (from his just out of high school sister no less… WHO DOES THIS?!) with this game. We had a Wii back when, and I always thought it was pretty gimmcky and never even gave a look to this. But wow, what a nice device, and a great first game to try on it.