Super Mario Odyssey - ♬★ Jump Up, Super Star! ★♬


I never mentioned moons I was unable to get in my complaint because I haven’t come across any that were obviously impossible (though it’s disappointing if you say there are a couple, and the round flower beds are a much bigger pain than they should be). It’s more the game saying “hey, here’s this cool thing you can do!” and then not letting me do it. Like in the final kingdom transform sequence; it’d be cool if I could breathe fire! But apparently that’s locked behind detached JoyCon mode.

This is the flagship game for a console where the “gimmick” is that you can play it wherever you want, so I was a bit disappointed that didn’t mean I could have the same experience in handheld mode as someone in tabletop or docked mode.


I’m not sure if any are impossible necessarily, and most, if not all, of them I came across were while playing detached where it was just easier to do the move than try to figure out if I could do it another way.

It’s a fair criticism and I’m sorry to hear that it is ruining the game for you. Personally, I just pretend those moves don’t exist until I really need them. The detached-only moves are an awkward and unnecessary design choice at best, but I can’t empathize with the feeling that not having access to them makes the game not fun. There’s just too much other cool stuff packed into this game.


You can do the spin move by making Mario spin first with the control stick rotation then throwing the hat.


I’m 700 moons in at this point and I’ve only come across a handful of moons that go from annoying to easy with the use of motion controls. The most egregious of which is a specific musical note moon that is impossible to do without stringing a bunch of hat spins together in a very short amount of time.

At the end of the day its like people who say they can’t play breath of the wild because of the motion shrines. Yea I get it, they suck, but they are wholly optional unless you are going for 100% and make up a tiny amount of the game.

(By the way Nintendo, if you notice, in your two biggest games of the year the biggest complaints seem to be on shoehorned motion controls that make up .001% of what the game has to offer. Stop it. Motion control for motion control’s sake take away from your games.)


but just like you mentioned - it’s optional. It’s for those that have completed everything else and they want the 100% completion. Nintendo is giving them a challenge to do just that. And even with that if it’s too much of a PITA they can just buy the moons. (I not there yet - but I’m assuming that when you buy a moon from a shop if gives you random moons from the zone your in??)


There’s one from each shop that contributes to the moon list for each kingdom. After that you’re just adding to the overall total when you buy more, it doesn’t matter where they come from. A moon’s a moon.


Yeah, there’s really no reason to buy more than 1 moon from each kingdom.


Um, so if you get the Peach and Mario amiibos, you can basically give yourself a 3-up or invulnerability any time you want in the game? Am I understanding this correctly?


Yeah, lookin to get yourself a couple? ;)


PTW!!! FTW :)
when my 8 year old saw a (kid) streamer do this, he was totally on board with the idea… saved up some money doing little chores and was excited to pick up Peach!

While watching me play and having difficulty with some area, he was like… “Hey dad, hold up… here you go…” as he wiped out the Peach and hooked me up on my next go with 6 life!!!


Huh. That might allow me to finish the final moon level.


Oh my gosh Bowser has unique text for each Mario outfit in the end sequence…


Wait, you fight Bowser at the end of the game? Spoiler! :-P