Super Mario RPG Remake - Nintendo and Square's classic comes to Switch

This has been a big want for ages. It was assumed to be stuck in rights hell and that we’d never see Geno or Mallow again. Releases November 17th.


I did enjoy SMRPG for it’s Mario “lore” and structure.

I can say I definitely didn’t give a shit about fucking marshmallow guy or Pinocchio though.

Explains why they dragged their feet on the Nintendo switch online snes version


In all seriousness, I do want to play this. But $60 for a game I’ve started a half dozen times over the years and never come close to finishing is a tough sell.


This is the only guy I care about from the original:


Glad this exists, as I enjoyed the original back in the day. Not sure if I’ll have time to revisit it though.

Oh wow. Was not expecting this. I think it’ll be one of my rare day 1 purchases.

Something does get lost in the translation to the 3D assets, but I appreciate that they try to stick close to its original look

The Verge’s review gives a nice overview of why so many have fond memories of this game (light spoilers, obv):

I went on a shopping spree about two years ago picking up every Mario & Luigi game for the 3DS/DS after playing the first one, and still haven’t gotten to them so I might wait on this one.

I’ve never played this - is it that much different mechanically than those or Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door? I’m guessing aside from the Square touches, perhaps in story, it doesn’t feel all that different gameplay-wise?

Just put in a pre-order for this. Never finished it on the snes.

It’s much closer to the SNES-era JRPG genre it branched off from. You can see the start of what would become Paper Mario, but it also has a lot of standard JRPG stuff that was later jettisoned from the series. If you ever played Paper Mario and wished it was a little closer to something like FF6 then this is pretty much what you would have wished for. It sanded down some of the more complex/obtuse features of a JRPG and added in a little bit of action and jumping.

I loved Paper Mario for what it was, I don’t think it needed anything else. But if what you’re saying is this
is more Square JRPG than the later games, I’ll probably enjoy it even more and may check it out sooner. Thanks.

I’d agree with this take. Though the last time I played Paper Mario was 20+ years ago, I vaguely remember it being more Mario with RPG elements while SMRPG is more RPG with Mario elements.

I enjoyed reading Oli Welsh’s review of the game. (He was Editor in chief of Eurogamer for 7 years).

But I’m left not really knowing how me or my son will react to this game, and whether this will really be an enjoyable first RPG for him, or if he’ll react to it like he did with the 2D Mario games: indifference.

I distinctly remember being disappointed with the first Paper Mario because of how many of the RPG trappings they had removed or diminished. Over time I came to appreciate what that series became, but Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario felt completely different to me at the time.

I’d guess that you’d be better off with one of the later renditions of something like Mario and Luigi, honestly. Being something of a time capsule, this feels less likely to land with younger children.

DF are very impressed:

I’ve been having a great time with this. Love the graphics, updated music and the level up scenes.

It’s quite a bit easier than the original. There’s some quality improvements like a quest log & map warps. Missable stuff is still hard to find without a guide. Took me 11 hours to get to the final dungeon. I’m going slow enjoying the areas.

💖 the Forest Maze theme:

Now for Nintendo’s next trick, localize and release Mother 3 outside of Japan goddammit!