Super Mega Baseball - Big heads, home runs, and ego

I picked it up on PC after playing it for awhile on PS3, while it takes some getting used to since it’s different, I’m liking it just fine using PC/KB. And since I almost exclusively play games on the PC, it’s cool to have this just sitting there waiting for whenever I was to pick up a quick game.

Huh. Definitely going to check this out.

As stated on a thread I shouldn’t have started, this is pretty much the only good non-stats-only baseball game for the PC. The mobile-style cutesy graphics might have you thinking otherwise, but the mechanics here are deep enough to be interesting but not so much it will scare away the neophytes.

One more game added to the wishlist. I don’t need any more games on my wishlist!

I zeroed out my wishlist today when I went over it and saw it was nothing but Early Access games… except for Dead State, which sounds like it ended up as bad version of Wasteland 2, so off it went.

I have 42 games on my wishlist and realistically I could probably purge at least 1/3. I just purged it earlier this year too.

I’ll pick this one up as soon as it shows up in a PSN flash sale for sure.

One thing I sometimes have trouble with in baseball video games is judging how high a pitched ball is. How well does this game do distinguishing a low from a high pitch?

Also, about the difficulty system it uses - do you start off at a particular level, then it automatically adjusts the number as you play more games?

I don’t have a ton of trouble with high pitches. Pitches at the knees can be tough to distinguish from low pitches out of the zone, especially against a sidearmer.

You start at super easy (ego 10), you can choose when to crank it up if you want. You get way more XP for playing on a higher level, which you can set yourself, and you apparently get significantly reduced XP if you play at an ego setting lower than your level. I played an exhibition at 10, then set it at 40 for a league, won the first few games easily, set it to 50, and it’s a good match for me now.

OK, thanks. So it’s just a basic difficulty setting but with a lot of values to accommodate a wide variety of skill levels?

Yes, that is correct as you can adjust from 1-99. Also, you can adjust Batting, Baserunning, Pitching and Fielding individually, so you can customize your challenge according to your preferences.

Sounds good, thanks!

I got Super Mega Baseball 2 during the last sale and it’s a ton of fun. I like the more realistic look.

Am I a bad person for being happy that I drilled a line drive into the second place team’s ace reliever in extra innings and put him flat on his back? He stayed in the game, but his health status changed to weak and he became much more hitable. I ended up winning the next inning.

I started at the default ego of 15 and it was way too easy. iIve been bumping it up each game until I got to 70. Now I lose maybe 25% of my games and they’re usually fairly exciting. I’m in first now and if I win the playoffs I’ll try bumping it up to 80 next season.

SMB2 is an unheralded gem. Other than Aceu Combattu 7 (which I just picked up today… yay new job), I have purchased one (1) game for my XBox: SMB2.

My batting ego is on about 46, because otherwise everything I hit goes straight to a fielder.

Man, I played his a lot over the last couple of weeks. I tried playing with all ego at 75 and I struggled hitting. I bumped just the hitting down to 70 and left the rest at 75. Good pitchers still gave me some trouble but were hitable. I had some fun pitchers’ duels. Clinched first place the last day of the season and won the championship going 6-1 in the playoffs. I cracked the all time 200 in single season score too. I do think I’ve now wore myself out on this for a while.

@robc04 I really fancy number 2, got it free on the Xbox but am thinking of getting it on the PC where I do most of my gaming.

The thing is I find the game as confusing as hell, as a brit we don’t do Baseball, we have a crap version called rounders.

I’m not too shabby at pitching but hitting is a struggle both with timing and getting the ball to go where i want it to rather than straight at a fielder.

Have you got any newbie hints for a real beginner

The hardest thing about hitting is telling whether the pitch is too high or too low. If you have the difficulty set low enough you should have a bit of time to really get a look at the pitch before swinging. On the hard difficulty levels I literally have to tell myself each pitch to only swing if it’s good.

Swinging at bad pitches means you need to adjust your hitting cursor more to make solid contact and if it is outside the strike zone enough, more often than not you’ll pop it up or hit something weak. Getting ahead on the count also means you’re more likely to see a good pitch to hit.

I almost always stick with the normal swing instead of a power swing.