Super Monkey Ball 2

Yeah, old game, I know. I had out of town guests this weekend, with young kids (a bit older than mine - 9 and 6). Monkey Ball 2, GameCube, 4 players got a LOT of playtime.

The main game is ok, but the real value is in the mini-games, a couple of which are brilliant.

Monkey Target (the one where you fly and land on platforms) is a simple game, but one of the best multi-player console games I’ve played in years, and non-violent/kid-friendly to boot. The racing is excellent, and a few of the others are rather solid. This game packs a lot of value into one (by now rather cheap) game.

I got this game a couple years ago, but have never really burned out on it - I pull it out every few months when we have a suitable mix of guests, and it holds up well.

Any word on a Monkey Ball 3?

There is a platform game coming for, I think, the psp. So it sounds like the plan is to ruin the franchise, pacman world style.

We spent weeks in the office here with Monkey Target for both SMB1 and 2. Ridiculous fun. We can still stick the buoys in SMB1 for big money. :)

The fact that the Xbox version of Super Monkey Ball 2 didn’t have support for an online scoreboard = crime against humanity.

The fun of the game is in the mini-games, and especially playing them multi-player (old-style, gathered around the TV). A single player PSP platformer, probably thin on mini-games, sounds very weak.

There’s a lot more strategy to Monkey Target than meets the eye. I thought I was pretty good until my 9-year old cousin started pounding me. I eventually figured out his trick - don’t open your wings until just before you hit the water, then stay low to keep your speed up and get ahead of the other players, then swoop up late to grab the stars and the magnet.

If you fail to get the magnet, then it’s a lot of fun trying to knock the player who DID get it off the platform (he’ll usually be ahead of you and have already landed).

I used to be good at monkey golf, I remember having so much trouble on the one that has you getting across a half pipe with a pit between the two halves.

The last smb released was the combo of 1 and 2 for gamecube right?

The Deluxe version was Xbox/PS2 only. It’s better because all the mini-games are unlocked from the start, but I heard the PS version had framerate issues.

Is there a cheat code or anything like that to unlock all the mini-games for GC? I’ve still got 4 of them locked.

SMB2’s main game was horrid compared to the first. It overrelied on gimmicks and emphasized timing over skill. Sadly SMB Deluxe mishmashed the two game’s levels together.

But in Deluxe’s defence, it doesn’t require the linear progression that SMB1 did.

This is a game that’s begging to be made for DS instead.

Actually, I’m really looking forward to a Nintendo Revolution version that takes advantage of the tilt-controller. You could also do this in a GBA cartridge with a cheap chip, ala WarioWare Twisted.

Any word on a Monkey Ball 3?

Sega’s developing Super Monkey Ball Adventure now. As the title indicates, the focus of the (SP) part is more on the action-adventure side of things now. I do remember reading about mini games, but I’m not sure if it’ll work the same way it was in the previous SMB titles.

And yes, SMB1&2 are some of the best multiplayer titles I own. Monkey Fight and Monkey Bowling are always a riot. Still, Monkey Target is by far the most popular mode among the people at our multiplayer parties. (Most of them being casual gamer.) I found this particular mode in SMB2 somewhat disappointing though. Only like… 4 stages? All of them being less interesting than the levels from SMB1. And, well, only 4 of them. It’s not like it would have Sega ages to crap out at least 5-8 more considering that we’re not talking about very complex requirements in terms of level design here.

Is there a cheat code or anything like that to unlock all the mini-games for GC? I’ve still got 4 of them locked.

Don’t think there’s a cheat code. I simply unlocked all mini games by playing the first set of levels again and again just for that purpose.


There are actually only 3 levels in SMB 2 - Monkey Target. I agree that more would be great.

I’d love to see an SMB title that was nothing BUT minigames. Dump the main game - bundle up 15-20 mini games, and maybe an optional meta-game that cycles through the mini-games in some way.

I played the hell out of SMB 1, especially Monkey Target. I was actually just playing that this weekend at my girlfriend’s house. She turned the game off to stop me from saving my score of 1600 on five-round, because she wants somewhere that she can be on the high score board.

I never got as into SMB2, mostly because the main game which you have to play to unlock minigames sucks so hard. In SMB1 I’d just replay the first however many levels over and over to accumulate points, but SMB2 doesn’t allow that.

Super Monkey Ball Party? I’d buy that.

I think you can replay levels in Challenge Mode to rack up points. That’s what we did this weekend. But you only get ~25 points/level, so it takes ~100 levels to unlock a mini-game (at 2500 points/per). That’s a lot of replaying of not-very interesting levels.

Not per se, but you can get just enough points to unlock one mini-game and then after playing it a bit reset the game so it doesn’t save where you spent your points.

She turned the game off to stop me from saving my score of 1600 on five-round, because she wants somewhere that she can be on the high score board.

Bah, that’s not even worth saving. My five-round high score was at least twice that.

how the fuck??? framerate issues? That is fucking horrible even for a ps2, the game is simple stuff graphically. The gba version was decent FFS!

My high score that weekend through the first 5 rounds out of 15 was 2200, so I’m not a total slouch. However, I don’t think she’s ever landed on the marker without a magnet ball, which means she never gets the triple, which is what it’s all about really.