Super Monkey Ball: Bad dates

Those bastards killed Super Monkey Ball.

So 3 stars out of 5 means “above average”, right?

3 out of 5 stars is a dud?

If I read that review without a score attached I would’ve guessed one star. The same old singleplayer and broken, overcooked multiplayer. What makes it a three star? One tenth of the minigames?

As usual in the Super Monkey Ball games, the single player gets tedious fast.


I have very little to do with the ratings at Yahoo, even on my own reviews. They seem to want to use the 5-star equivalent of a 7-9 scale.


Aw, that’s disappointing. I was introduced to the SMB series after enjoying Marble Blast Ultra, but the version I found for the PS2 suffers from horrible jaggies and swimming textures. I was thus hoping that the Wii one would be a big improvement, but apparently it isn’t in the ways that count.

Quoted for truth! Super Monkey Ball main game is awesome.

Well, if you got into SMB from playing Marble Blast, presumably you’re a fan of the single player mode. The single player mode is fun on the Wii, most of the negative reviews are from posers who think Super Monkey Ball is all about the minigames, which it isn’t… though Sega does suck for screwing up Monkey Target. In any case, on the Wii you can at least play the Gamecube versions of Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2, either of which is better than the PS2 version of Deluxe.

If you get a Wii, just get Super Monkey Ball 1 or 2 for the Gamecube.

Did you not like the concept of the crappy minigames or was it purely control issues?

In most cases, it’s both. 3d whack-a-mole wouldn’t make a terribly fun game even if the controls worked, which they don’t.

It means it’s as good as Age of Empires III ;)

Loved the original Super Monkey Ball single player. How does the Wii compare?

Shouldn’t the title read “substitutes quality for quantity”?

Just curious.

I tried to think of another movie that featured the prominent death of a monkey, but drew a blank. I’d say King Kong, but then the primatologists would be all over me like raped apes.

Come on, guys. Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Yeah, seriously, if you can’t pick the Raiders quote out, then you need some help.

yea I was thinking the same thing… for such a stinker why 3/5?? I was thinking 2.5/5 at best!

This reminds me…how is the DS version of Monkey Ball?

Tom you are dead-on. The minigames are mostly garbage, many barely capable of keeping player and spectator interest past the 15 second mark. The only upside being you have 50 total to test out, move on until one sticks for a few minutes versus a few seconds.

In a strange twist, Monkey fencing re-incited my party group to further lament Zelda’s lack of motion-implemented sword strikes, “See this dumb minigame does it!”

Lucasarts will make a killing doing ‘Jedi knight 4: Use the wii remote to swing a lightsaber!’ Everyone wanted Zelda to immitate sword gestures that has playtested it on my console.

I generally -like- the main game though. Having not played Monkey Ball since the first GC experience, I sort of forgot how silly and addictive the obstacle course runs can be. The remote simulates the analog stick nicely, but doesn’t really go beyond doing just that in any fashion, which lends a more tacked-on feel moreso than Zelda IMO. The experience isn’t richer for it, whereas I particularly love bow aiming in Zelda. Regardless, I’m engaged.