Super Muscles Now, Ask Me How

Well, in a decade or so, anyway.

Did I mention recently that I love the 21st century? BEST. CENTURY. EVER.

I think if this was desirable, evolution would have factored it in by now. There’s going to be SOME horrible side effect, I’m sure.

Yeah, there is - super strong monkeys

Yes, along with the for more dangerous problem of a resurgence in the popularity of this:

Shit, bitch, does I gots to do ALL the goddamn work around heah?

This crap is looking SWEET.

Just in case anyone was wonderin’, this is how the Tanks in Left 4 Dead are made.

On a more serious note, the sports world will probably implode once this kind of treament becomes common place. Though there are side effects for being huge, its more work on the heart to be carting around 300lbs of muscle.

The heart, being a muscle, could possibly benefit as well. I’m sure there’s a point where the muscle growth becomes dangerous. I mean at some point you could snap your bones or tendons just by flexing.

The article implies it reduces fat production, too.

Taken with care, this shit could be a miracle cure for just about everything.

And now the arms race between muscle-boosting gene therapy and bone-strengthening gene therapy begins.

You really, really don’t want an enlarged heart.

That is exactly why the radical Whos in Whoville are a menace this time of year.

I think I read about this stuff in comic books from the 1970’s. Also, sea monkeys!

The most obvious undesirable effect is that the extra muscle tissue consumes more calories. In an evolutionary context, an animal could easily starve from building up muscle that it doesn’t need.

Maybe they misquoted someone and by “you can eat what you want” they really mean “you’ll have to eat everything you can”.

And, the obligatory:

“skeletal” muscle in the article

I, for one, welcome our new super macaque overlords.

Weren’t anabolic steroids called safe for decades when first released too?

This is how we end up at the bottom of the sea, eating the flesh of our former comrades to survive a little longer.

And its about bloody time! Who the hell else am I going to blast to smithereens with this makeshift crossbow?

Actually, I think the real problem is ligaments and other connective tissue, especially around joints.