Super old game release thread? then vs. now

I’m not a forum sleuth, but I’m wondering if someone would resurrect an old thread for a newly released game from within the first 2 years of the forum so we can compare how posts were written then vs. the general attitude we see now.

I’m curious of the result in a:

  • “The more things change, the more they stay the same”
  • “Gamers were just excited to have a game back then”
  • “We had more professionalism around back then”

Amusing Nostalgia threads? Why not:

ha ha - nope!

Guess Future.

Gotta rush out - but here are some early threads:

I could go on… but this isn’t that hard. Click on Show all Threads on the bottom of the games forum page. Then reverse order from descending to ascending. Voila!

My favorite part of those has got to be the Age of Mythology thread were people were surprised that the demo for the game is 337MB!!

2002 me would have been shocked to find out that 2013 me has 50mbps download speeds. I’ll just remember that when somebody on the internet starts talking about “the good old days”. :D

I think it has just switched around now. ‘What! Asassins Creed III is taking up 15GB!!!’

I had 10Mbps in 1997 so I am kinda sad I only have 70Mbps today.

I’m pretty sure I was still using dial up which was what, 96 kbps back then? Moving to DSL around 2000 was a big deal.

Well, Dial Up was fun. Connecting to the ISP or another friend to play some H2H gaming, listening to the modem doing its chirping and whatnot. USR Courier v.everything, good times :) Funny that they called it Courier when that was the ‘scene’ designation for those who moved files from BBS 1 to BBS 2,3,4,5…

My home internet is still slower than what I had in college 15 years ago. Gotta love anti-competitive industries.

I remember when I was visiting a PC game coder in the early 90’s and he got a phone call about the new Wing Commander II which he was eager to play. He was almost falling down from his chair in awe when he heard it took up… was it 25 MB on the hard disk? It was quite a jump compared to other games at the time.

Wow you had that in '97? Was that through a cable provider?

I can do the Four Yorkshireman thing all day, since I started with a computer with 256 bytes of memory, no “kilo” about it, but I think JP’s more interested in gamer attitudes then vs. now.

Mostly I remember struggling through some pretty bad games, or games with bad interfaces, because there were a lot less of them. Or maybe I was exposed to fewer, because demos didn’t exist, and $50 was a lot more money to me then, so every purchase decision was a struggle.

I had a modem for my Atari 2600 in the 80s that let me download games and compete in weekly tournaments. That was before its time.

Yea; was one of 100 test users. We shared a 100Mbit backbone to one of the largest ISPs, so it was very good times. Once testing was over in 1999 or thereabouts we got reduced from 10-14Mbit-ish to 300kbit… That wasn’t very fun.
10Mbit and UO was good times :)