Super Paper Mario Question (possible spoilers)

I’m getting a really odd bug in Super Paper Mario. I’m in the Samurai zone now (Chapter 6, I believe) and all of the sudden the game is freezing any time I try to use Bowser’s fire breath. Every time. Doesn’t matter where I do it. I loaded my save from before entering the Samurai zone and it does it there too. The disc is flawless, and cleaning it did nothing. I did a quick google and found someone who had their game freezing in the exact same way (it makes an irritating buzzing noise when it does) but under different circumstances (every time they opened a door). I don’t think it’s a disc issue - I think it’s just a nasty programming bug, but what the fuck do I really know?

My question is this: from where I am in the game, is it possible to complete the game without using Bowser’s fire breath ever again? There were a few spots before this where I needed it to get past an obstacle, but they’ve been few and far between. However, this strikes me as the kinda game that will require to use me a lot of my abilities in the end game sequences. So, is it possible?

Your progress is saved on the Wii’s internal memory, so why not just exchange the disc at the retailer?

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After having more thoroughly cleaned the disc and getting the same problem, that’s my next step. But if it’s not a disc problem as I’m thinking, then I wanted to find out if it was still possible to complete the game.

I looked at some FAQs, and it looks like it won’t be and I may have to simply restart and hope for the best. We’ll see what happens after I exchange the disc.

Unfortunately, the next few levels have a few puzzles that require the fire breath to get by.

There’s one puzzle on the last level that requires bowser to complete. And I think there’s a couple sometime before that, as well.