Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

  1. Inklings confirmed.

Sure looks like Breath of the Wild Link there too. :)

I never realized the Inklings had terrifying squid-beak-teeth. That’s pretty good character design.

Maybe I’ll actually get off my ass and get Nintendo’s latest this generation.

On an unrelated note, was there anything really awesome I missed on the Wii-U that I can somehow play on a Switch? That would be neat.

At the rate they’re going, they should have the entire Wii U catalog available on Switch in the next few years.

(only kidding a little bit – they’re porting a ton of stuff though)

Smash Bros fans : We don’t want a port, we want a brand new game!

Smash Bros fans also: This game better have all of the characters and stages in the past games, also don’t change the game play or mess with the balance.

Let me know when they port Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
(Actually, not really, I already played it).

Look all we want is the mechanical complexity-via-bugs of Melee, the purity and innocence of SSB64, the fully featured campaign mode of Brawl, the lineup size and graphical fidelity of 4, and the roster of every single niche Japanese strategy title of the last 30 years included from the get-go.

I think if Nintendo (well, Namco…) takes the Wii U base they have already and speeds the game up a bit alongside all the new characters AND a better single player mode, the fans would be relatively satisfied.

Melee people need to let it go.


It’s probably worth noting at this point that I couldn’t wavedash if you offered me $5000 to do so on the spot. I mostly just prefer the Melee esports scene and wouldn’t mind them getting some modernizations, etc., to work with for that. Smash4 matches are so goddamn long and floaty to watch -.-

This hints at a new game rather than a port:

I think it’s “new” in that the engine that powers it is already built. They’re going to tweak it all a lot.

I’ve been playing for an hour, but haven’t got past the music player. 717 tracks, all unlocked from the start, a playlist feature and the option to turn the screen off that stops the system from sleeping. I may get more use from this than actually playing the game.

Edit: there’s more music to unlock. Geez, what a playlist

There’s a bunch of good stuff here but I’m sad about them removing minigames and nerfing Classic. Where’s my Home Run Contest? Or Target Smash? They made up all these neat new modifiers for matches they use in Spirit mode but then Classic is mostly a series of stale 1v1s against AI that can’t handle 1v1, albeit with a cool character-specific boss at the end.

But Adventure mode is fun, there are a million multiplayer options, and every character ever, so it’s still pretty good.

Yeah, it’s a little sad that they didn’t include iconic modes like Break the Targets or Home Run Contest, but hot damn does it not actually matter in the face of how much other stuff there is.

You complain about the AI not being great in Classic - what intensity are you playing on? It goes wild after about 6.5, and I’m scared to see what 9.9 looks like.

The first run I ended at 9.8 and I don’t think I got above 50% damage until the boss (where I died twice and used tickets because I expected a bonus boss for that high intensity and didn’t get it)

To be clear, I think the AI does fine in Smash’s designed scenario of 4 players. It just doesn’t handle the positional game that happens in 1v1. It’s pretty easy to manipulate it into unfavorable situations near various platforms, bait its dodge spam, etc.

I have no idea what I’m doing.