Super Troopers 2 - It was inevitable

Hooray! I also admire the brazenness of the release date.

I will enjoy the hell out of this even if it’s objectively mediocre.

I backed it!

Club Dread and Beerfest had their moments, and made me think that this group had another amazing movie in them like Super Troopers. A sequel seems an unlikely place to find it, but I’m happy to see the attempt.

Oooh, the American Integration/ Mounties vs Highway Patrol aspect looks promising.

This is the movie America needs right meow.

I thought it was going to be shoehorned garbage but I am cautiously optimistic. I love the premise.

As a French Canadian I approve of this message.

It’s about time!

^ Read the thread title as “Starship Troopers 2” and was like WTF?


Wait, there was an actual “Starship Troopers 2” and “3”?

…yeeeeeeeessss… but Starship Troopers2 was a direct-to-DVD made on a shoestring budget of basically pennies (they had to use flashy lights instead of muzzle flashes on the guns to cut down expense, so yeah). The first few minutes are reused VFX from the first one… but before you discount it completely, it has fairly enjoyable schlocky B-movie horror tilt, replete with all the hammy shtick you grew up loving in 80’s movies, so if you go in looking at it that way, you might get a kick out of it. It was directed by Phil Tippett, who gained early CG animation renown doing the effects on the first one.

The third one I cannot comment other than it looks… bereft of any value.

Can’t wait to see this, here have a poster!