SuperBowl Commercials: 2015




Pete Rose and Liam Neeson.

Brady Bunch Snickers


Dead Kid


Amputees selling whatever that had nothing to do with them.

And someone on Madison Ave. has never actually listened to "Cats in the Cradle".


Did I imagine it, or were there 2 separate commercials featuring prosthetic legs? Were they for the same thing? I think the second was Microsoft…the first one might have been insurance or something?


Also bad: if you drive a Nissan, you will ignore your child. Or something.

Also good: First draft ever.

And perhaps even more of a WTF is this commercial than the dead kid commercial is this gem that aired on local broadcasts in the St. Louis market. Seriously, this is your Whiskey Tango Foxtrot commecial of all time:


The dead kid is gonna be an awesome internet meme.


…wow. That’s disgusting.


The Liam Neeson ad was a lot of fun. I missed a few of the other ads. It was a bad Superbowl for ads.


Oh, forgot a good one:

Blue Pill gets away…


Yeah, separate.

Car ad, IIRC.


I thought the snickers one was dumb, Neeson won the best ad award imho.

All the ads are here on one page.


The Jeff Bridges one was odd. I just went to the website it pointed me too, and he’s selling a CD of sleep sounds. The money goes to charity.

I kinda liked the Snickers one, though it was obvious from the start what it was if you’ve seen any of the past Snickers ads. Buscemi at the end saved it for me.


The commercials as a whole fell flat for me, and it seemed like a lot of them were ads I’ve seen before. Wonder if some companies blew their budget on getting a spot, and then decided to not waste any more money making a good/new commercial?

Bud Light Pac-Man was by far my favorite.


Liam Neeson was my favorite.


I thought the Carnival Cruise/ JFK ad was over-the-top, but that’s perhaps because I associate them more with botulism and e.coli infections than a mystic journey to the source of all life. The Dead Kid one, though, may be the worst ad I’ve ever seen.

Mindy Kaling’s was funny :)


I liked the domestic violence commercial a lot. At first I was laughing. Hahahah. Who calls 911 to order pizza? And then the call just kept going. And I was thinking “What is going on?” And then I finally started paying attention to the images on the screen for the first time instead of the 911 phone call. And it all fell together.


Yeah, dead kid is going to be a thing. So unintentionally awesome.

This Superbowl sucked for good commercials


I feel like the Super Bowl ads have been pretty consistently disappointing the last few years.


Go Daddy had a lost puppy commercial slated for the superbowl that got so much negative reaction prior to the superbowl that it was pulled and they put a filler commercial in its place. It seemed like depressing was the popular flavor this year. I didnt care for the Brady Bunch commercial, it was the SOS from them and too obvious ( though Buscemi helped ). The Neeson commercial was a glorified internet meme, boring. The only truly awesome commercial this year was the dead kid commercial and that was awesome only because of the reaction its getting.


Yeah, that has to rank up there with Republicans adopting [B]Born in the USA[/B] in the oblivious department.


That dead kid ad was terrible. What was Nationwide selling there? Kid’s life insurance? This is what happens when you have no reality check with the outside world. What a terrible commercial. We’ve practically solved childhood disease, death by war and famine, and every other threat to children. Well, a tiny percentage has to die of something now. Let’s scare people with that!


I think the only commercials that got a laugh out of us were the Mountain Dew Kickstart commercial (which ran during the pre-show I think?) and the Liam Neeson one.