SuperBowl Commercials: 2015



Rule of thumb, affect is more commonly a verb than a noun.


Do they accept masturbation? Because, like, I am lovin’ it. Two big macs, please.


This was, by far, the best commercial of Super Bowl, and probably every Super Bowl ever. I’m shocked no one else has mentioned it.

"Say my name. "


Absolutely. It’s making girls the object of scorn and ridicule. How could it not?

I liked this ad a lot, too, but it got a little too touchy feely toward the end, especially with asking the older girls to try again. It left me feeling a lump in my throat not because it showed me anything I didn’t know, but because it highlighted something I’d pretty much accepted. It was powerful to see the young girls take it at face value. It was disturbing to see the older girls clown, even before the “reveal” of the younger girls. It’s not disturbing because of how the older girls (and the one boy) interpreted the message, but because I would have interpreted it the same way myself. I’m not sure what I would have done to fix the ending. Maybe stay with the younger girls a bit more or end it sooner. Or maybe just leave it as is. It wasn’t that far off the mark and it did do a lot of things right.


Can’t have been that great a commercial if we’re attributing an esurance ad to Nationwide now.


Something “effects” they, them, or her/him or he/she.

Something “affects” me or us.

I don’t know who taught you, but they taught you wrong. “Affect” is to have an effect on someone or something, eg “I affected the outcome of the game”. “Effect” is, more or less, to successfully achieve something, eg “I effected change in the organisation”.


Okay, jeez my bad, it was an esurance ad. Like anyone cares what they were selling.


When Advertising became “marketing”, it stopped mattering whether people knew what the product being advertised was. It’s about a mood, and a lifestyle, man, and also awards showing that you’re smarter than all the other ad companies.


I turned to my 11-year-old daughter who plays soccer, volleyball, basketball and softball on school and club teams after that “throw like a girl” commercial and said “you throw, hit, shoot and run like a girl, and it’s [I]awesome[/I]”, followed by a fist bump. Confidence in herself is one thing she will never lack, I am making damn sure of that every day.


Well, it was a long time ago, so it might be my memory.


Only 2 more years and Canadians will be able to enjoy these at the time they’re broadcast:


Age has that affect.


I liked that Budweiser has basically given up trying to make good beer, after failing with garbage like Budweiser select, and is now just trying to fall back on highschool jock tactics of making fun of their betters.


At last we had our moment. It actually did add a lot to the overall experience, and obviously the game certainly delivered. Think we still missed some ads (don’t see justin b or AirB&B one) for local reasons. Or the Guardians 2 one, which is strange, since the movie ones were the only ones we would get normally.


TIL the Canadian government has bilingual 404 errors.