Superbowl Commercials 2024

The couch potato ads? Felt like the only ad with an actual sense of humor. The weird thing about the current superbowl ads were just how many celebrities they were. It seemed like 90% of ads were just celebrity vehicle self referential joke ads.

It was funny to see the top three female musicians all appearing in costume at the Super Bowl to get in on the Taylor Swift action.

For those of us who need more Aubrey in our lives:

Gah, she’s too normal in the interview, everything sucks and my day is ruined!

And that commercial for Paramount + was horrible. I get it, they want people to know the stars of shows they have there but is this the absolute best they could do with that time during the superbowl? Also, Creed?

Give me Aubrey in any ad right now and yes, worth the spend. :)

I feel like they skipped a couple decades in the early mid 1900s. might just be me though.

I liked the CeraVe ad the most, I think. The mayonnaise one was confusing.

Couch potato ad was a fun concept too. Loved the costumes and set.

So, their health claims are for a food, so it is the wild west on what is fair to say. Technically red meat is super healthy if you only focus on the protein and iron content.

I am assuming Poppi is leaning hard on the low sugar amount coupled with “prebiotics” which is a fairly nebulous term referring to anything gut bacteria like to eat (which is a fairly wide range). You get plenty of “prebiotics” in a normal diet. They also have apple cider vinegar and are sweetened with a mix of stevia and sugar, which keeps the calories at 25 a can.

Also, it won’t be the soda your kids think about when they think about soda, because poppi costs about 2$ a can, so you won’t be able to afford having kids.

Me and the wife summed it up as: Lots of Celebrities, Lot’s of Aliens, Lot’s of Religion, little on laughs. I would add lot’s of trying to hard to that. Weird commercials this year which sucked because the game was boring for 3 qtrs.

We bought Poppi at Costco on a lark and unfortunately dubbed it Poopi. May have just been a bad batch, but it tasted moldy. Is like carbonated vitamin water. Not sweet, with an “essence” of fruit flavor.

Who was bankrolling those, btw? Besides the actual Super Bowl ad, they also hired trucks driving around with page ads as well, there is serious money going into those.

Re: Temu

I didn’t know that Billionaires bought lots of Chinese knock off products that break instantly.

And that’s why you’re not a billionaire.

I guess that is it, dang.

It wasn’t funny, and you knew what the end of it would be, but my favorite was the Google ad for their blind assistance tech. The director of the commercial has been blind since a young adult.


Google’s selfie-assistance tech: This actually was pretty moving, I have to say. Google spots are always high-quality, even if they don’t make a major splash.

State Farms Schwarzenegger bit – It went on long enough that it became funny. “This woman is in labah!” DiVito at the end wasn’t a great payoff though.

The Ridge ATV with the mullets was pretty good.


The commercials (and there were a bunch) were fairly mystifying… I honestly don’t know what they were selling, and the shtick of Dan Levy being… I guess the new owner?.. kind of fell flat for me despite me being a fan of him in Schitt’s Creek.

The Michelob add with famous soccer people that I didn’t recognize (except Jason Sudeikis, who is a fake soccer person) was bland and obviously didn’t hit home for me. I’m always amused by the handful of futbal commercials that air during the Superbowl – “Please come watch this other sport! It’s popular with everyone one the planet except people who watch this broadcast!”

Likewise the “ELF” cosmetics commercial that featured… a bunch of people I barely recognize playing versions of characters on shows that I haven’t ever watched. I guess “Suits” is really popular on Netflix right now? Also, I’m really, really old.

The trash-talking E-Trade babies playing pickleball made me never want to use E-Trade ever.

Oh and we got a political commercial from Robert Kennedy Jr.! Nice way to introduce him to the unwashed masses, Republican operatives bankrolling RFK Jr.! Bonus points for prompting my mother-in-law to launch into a boring story about hearing the “kennedykennedykennedy” jingle for the first time when she was still in her 20s. I hate you all with a passion.

I had forgotten Temu existed, but now I know again thanks to them spending an obscene amount of money to play the same bland add fifty times during the broadcast.

Big Ocean of Meh

Christopher Walkin’s BMW ad wasn’t horrific. The guy is having “A Moment” with his role in Dune 2, I guess.

Etsy’s spot was pretty funny, but almost anything making fun of the French is pretty funny.

Aubry Plaza’s Mountain Dew commercial wasn’t too funny, but I love Aubry Plaza and Nick Offerman, so I still liked it.

The Dunkin Donut thing was painful to watch, but Matt Damon’s comments were funny.

The Uber Eats thing where you had to forget something to use the app was chuckle-worthy, if only for all the has-been star power they assembled.

Budwiser usually has at least one really good ad and one really bad ad, but the Beer Genie thing wasn’t too funny.

I have to give props to the religious ad from JesusGetsUs or whatever – the feet washing thing was a good message and they managed to not make it too Right-Wing looking.

The M&M “Almost Champions Ring of Comfort” was OK.

He Gets Us is bankrolled by a group that includes the family that owns Hobby Lobby and various other conservative and evangelical Christian organizations and individuals. Collectively the group forms a sort of SuperPAC for Jesus called The Servant Foundation, and it’s goal is to spend nearly $1 billion over 5 years to try to lure back people who have been turned off by or feel excluded by religion.

The He Gets Us campaign seems on the surface to be an all-inclusive and encompassing outreach campaign designed to let people in marginalized communities such as the LGTBQ+, Black and Hispanic communities as well as groups like women who have suffered abuse and women who have or are thinking of having abortions know that they are welcomed and valued in the Christian community. It presents itself as apolitical, and uses Jesus as its “influencer”, and looks to drive traffic to their website with the viral ads. However the people and groups involved in The Servant Foundation have a long history of being anti-LGTBQ+, anti-Abortion, and very, very political (Conservative Christian), so it has come under fire for being a false front to push a conservative agenda.

Honestly, regardless of the political intent, I would question the legitimacy of any organization that spent $1 billion (including $20 million on Super Bowl ad time) on marketing when the communities they claim to be trying to reach could benefit a whole hell of a lot more from that money being used to fund programs to directly benefit them.

TL:DR - Jesus would not approve of He Gets Us.

You might just be a tad out of step with the ol’ zeitgeist of changing times.

Famously jesus ran into the temple, and instead of tossing the tables of the people selling their wares there, he had his disciples spend the money meant to feed the poor lepers to erect a billboard.

As for the ads, Dunkings was my clear favorite, I LOL’d multiple times, but Matt Damon stole the spot for sure.

Aubrey Plaza’s Mt. Dew Baja Blast was a good, well-produced and effective spot. I realize the fact that she introduced herself as “America’s Sweetheart” was supposed to be sarcasm, but she’s fantastic in everything she’s in and whenever I see her interviewed she always seems so genuine and has such a great sense of humor that she really does seem like a sweetheart to me. I may have a little bit of a crush on her…

There were a dozen or so commercials that I enjoyed, either because they made me laugh/smile or they were just well done ads (liek the Google one). It did seem like there were more ads that made me think “They spent $7 million to air that?!” than usual this year.

I was surprised to see a soccer star in American football, really crossing the streams.

After I learned Aubrey Plaza had a stroke when she was a teenager and ever since part of her deadpan delivery seems to be in some unknown way related to that, she seems a whole lot less funny and a whole lot more bemused hot girl muse where an awkward delivery leads to success, and she’s happy to ride that train as long as it goes.

The He Gets Us ads seems innocuous but are total Trojan horse things of the most annoying kind. Pretty sure the organization behind them are a handful of billionaires pushing a Christian Nationalist agenda.

I’m not sure how successful all these new soda pop start ups are going to be, but it seemed apparent there were more than one.

The Hellman’s ad felt like the “best produced” ad of the big brand bunch, but it was actually a little confusing and not entirely coherent.