SuperFish Part II: Dell

Yep. Incompetence rather than evil, in this case. Looks like they had the cert to test non-signed drivers or something in QA, and accidentally left it in.

Edit: And a quick response.

No, it was deliberately installed on customer PCs to aid in remote troubleshooting. Understandable but still dumb…

Also, I’m now even happier that I wiped my Dell XPS 15 to install Windows 10 from scratch. No root CA for me!

Looks more like a (massive) blunder than a Superfish, considering they didn’t do what Lenovo did and put it into the damn BIOS to be forcibly installed/checked every time you booted.

With the DELL you could at least do a fresh install of any windows prior to 10; with a Lenovo it wouldn’t matter as you’d still get it.