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I stopped watching Supergirl around episode 4. Came back to watch The Flash crossover. Result? Made me realize my decision to give up on the show was well-founded. I kept rolling my eyes every few minutes. The Flash and Supergirl, themselves, were great in it. The writing and plotting? Terrible. Even on The CW, I would have found the hammy acting of the villains and the level of unwarranted angst to be unwatchable. And good lord, you can just walk in and out of a top secret government alien enforcement base at will? You find a woman that somehow emitted a super-sonic pulse that pulverized concrete and you don’t do anything beyond taking some blood and letting her walk out of your base?

Good lord…


Ugh, I’m conflicted. As discussed, Supergirl reacting to ice cream is probably the best thing I’ll see on TV this year. But everything that wasn’t the delightful chemistry between Barry and Kara was horrible. If not for Barry and Kara together this would probably be the worst episode of the season.

I thought maybe this was a different Livewire actress too. She looked like John Malkovich in greasy paint and a bad wig. And I guess if I knew my DC history better I would’ve known Siobhân was going to turn out to be Silver Banshee, but I didn’t know that’s where things were headed until this episode (well, the very end of the previous episode) and it was a terrible decision. Silver Banshee is way too over the top and comic-booky for the mildly tragic buildup and relationship with Wynn that they gave Siobhân on the show.

Both Flash and Supergirl (the shows) have demonstrated an ability to embrace the sillier elements of their comic book history and successfully translate it to their shows, it’s not like it couldn’t be done, they just screwed it up this time.

And as for chemistry, Banshee and Livewire certainly had none with each other. So yeah. Terrible villains, and then terrible plotting around pulling everything together, including the too-easy and on the nose redemption for Supergirl with the city.

I wonder if this was in part because the crossover possibility wasn’t a reality until pretty late in the production for the season; maybe they had to move things around and force some things to make it work with what they had time and room in their stories for.

To anyone who gave up on the show early on, I’d urge you not to let this episode discourage you. Watch the show (in order) up through episode 7. If you’re not on board then, fair enough. And it can be uneven, sure. But Melissa Benoist and the other parts of the show that they manage to nail every couple episodes are worth the ride. I really hope no Flash fans tuned in for the first time and decided to keep avoiding it.


Please do. It’s my favorite of the current crop of superheroics on TV, and Grant Gustin is a freaking charm factory. The rest of the cast is pretty fabulous, too–Jesse L. Martin in particular. Oh, and Tom Cavanaugh.

It takes a bit to ramp up–and benefits from a simultaneous watch of Arrow to fully “get” the crossovers (but you can make do just watching the 2-part Barry “premier” in Arrow S2, followed by the S3 and S4 2-part crossover eps–one in each show). But it’s honestly just pure, exhilarating entertainment through and through. Man, I love that show :-D


Well, guess that it’s wrapped for now (still no word on renewal out of CBS).

In the end, I think the show really found itself and became something pretty great. It’s got a lot more heart–schmaltzy, pop ballad-backed heart, albeit–than the rest of the current crop of superhero dramas, and I think the writers still accidentally hit the “GIRLS R GRREAT!” button a little too hard every so often, but all that’s backed up by Benoist’s perfect lead, a great balance between human life and superheroics, and a pretty endearing side cast all around.

I wound up really enjoying the finale a lot, and hope I don’t need to curse CBS for all eternity for denying us what’s in the magic box at the end…


Have you checked and seen what the tv by the numbers site is saying re: renewal vs cancellation?


They give it decent odds, but the network has already announced several renewals without mentioning this show, so I’m antsy :-)


Agree with Armando, after a terrible start, this show gradually improved to be a regular watch, and the finale was quite rewarding (particularly the awesome sisters fight).

The schmalzy relationship side of it I could do without, but hey it’s a young person’s show. For me, the learning/progression of Supergirl, Melissa’s acting (which already started from quite a high base), and some of the others’ acting, has developed rather nicely, and it’s still got the best superheroics fight fx of any show at the moment, including the Flash.

I hope it is renewed, Melissa deserves to have the opportunity to continue bringing the character to life, she did good.


Uh-oh. Supergirl reportedly costs too much for the ratings it got.

That has set the stage for a last-minute stare-down between Moonves and Warner Bros. TV chief Peter Roth. CBS will announce its fall schedule in two weeks at the upfront presentations in New York, so the clock is ticking to hammer out a deal.

Both sides have a potential out. Moonves could push “Supergirl” to The CW, which as it happens is a joint venture between CBS and Warners (Moonves and his team are responsible for programming the network). Such a switch would make perfect sense. The youth-skewing CW already has “The Flash” and other superhero franchises (there was a crossover between “Supergirl” and “The Flash” this season), and its audience is much more aligned with “Supergirl” than is CBS’ much-grayer viewership.

Fans have suggested such a move for months and lately the Hollywood rumor mill has gone into overdrive that “Supergirl” is flying to CW. But that move would be fraught for both producers and fans, as budget-conscious CW shows don’t tend to collect huge license fees for the studios. The upshot of a CW shift is that there would very likely be big budget cuts in the offing for “Supergirl.”


Welllll fuck


I kinda think Supergirl would be a great fit for CW.


On the one hand, I love Benoist’s portrayal of the character. On the other hand, I hate almost everything else about the show. I hate almost all the supporting characters; I think the writing is horrible (e.g., “you’re the most powerful being on the planet, by the way, this little box that I found totally suppresses all your powers!”). Everything is so ham-handed, I’m cringing through 90% of each episode.


Yeah, of all the “super hero” shows on right now, Supergirl is easily the worst written. Just incredible, gaping holes in the plot and in basic logic that blow my mind. Too many cooks in the kitchen, maybe? Not sure. It’s not like the other super hero shows are immune to such nonsense (how often does someone, especially someone dangerous, just walk into Star Labs on the Flash, for instance? Also, where do the super villains poop?!) but it’s usually ignorable/hand wavable on those other shows.


Super Girl on The CW would be kinda great. It has the same light-hearted vibe as The Flash. Pull it under that same development umbrella with the CW viewer as the target audience instead of giving it to the standard CBS writers who are trying to appeal to the CBS core-audience.

Want to have a lot of fun with it? Bring her to The Flash’s Earth where Superman doesn’t exist and have her go to Metropolis, which is currently a crime-ridden hell-hole (in my mind). You can have her meet up with Earth 1 Jimmy, if you wanted to keep him on the show, but you could ditch the entire “alien hunting military service” part of the show since it wouldn’t exist on Earth 1 (er, The Flash’s Earth, whatever you want to call it).

Dang, I would watch the heck out of that show


Issue with CW-ifying it is the cut to budget, and at a certain point, CW’s gonna hit a saturation point. That said, I do agree it’s a better fit there than on CBS. . . blargh


This sounds great to me, and it solves a lot of problems, too.


A.V. Club article pointed out Supergirl on CW means moving production, and apparently Calista Flockhart doesn’t travel(?) or something. And it’s not like CW just makes the rest of the budget problems disappear somehow. Also heard unsourced rumors shooting down the unsourced rumors of a CW move, so at the moment I think Supergirl surviving on the CW is just wishful, not-very-thought-out, thinking.

I hope CBS finds a way to keep it going, for Kara, Cat, the sister, and J’onn J’onzz at least. As someone who expected to hate Calista Flockhart, I really came to enjoy her on this show.

Supergirl is uneven, not consistently hitting the quality of either Flash or Arrow, but even when it’s failing, Benoist makes it more endearing than the occasional low points of either of those shows.

It’s miles ahead of Legends of Tomorrow though. Maybe if Supergirl (the show) doesn’t make it, Benoist’s Supergirl could show up on LoT season two and help make that watchable.


Cat is my second favorite character on the show, after the lead. It drops off rapidly, from there though. After trying out the pilot for LoT, I dropped that like a hot potato. Definite saturation point for me on CW superhero shows.

I don’t find that either Flash or Arrow have nearly the plot holes and bad writing that Supergirl has. Also, their villains are almost all universally more interesting than the Supergirl ones.


Right, as far as plot holes and inconsistency go, it seems pretty directly correlated to power level of the heroes. Even Arrow has problems there, but not as many “why doesn’t he just do X?” moments as Flash, which in turn has fewer of those problems than Supergirl.

And on top of those kind of plot holes, the writing between the characters is more scattered on Supergirl as well. I agree it’s the worst of the three.

But Melissa Benoist is just so great I find she wins me over even in the lousy episodes, whereas Arrow and Flash’s lousy episodes can feel like more of a drag.

And to reiterate, Legends of Tomorrow may literally have the worst writing of any show I have ever continued to watch. I hate myself so much for sticking with it.


Favorite moment of the last Legends ep I watched:

“Let’s break into the secret, heavily guarded bunker to kidnap the Head Evil Chick, so that she can be turned to our side and help us. . . uh. . . break into the exact same secret, heavily guarded bunker to kill the Head Evil Dude!”