Supergirl TV show on CBS


“It’s a temporal-whatever, it means however I finish this sentence, it will directly contradict what I’ve told you about time travel up until now” - Rip Hunter, weekly.


What I don’t get is how the hell does Supergirl cost $3 million per episode? Where is that money going? How does that show cost so much more than the Flash, which (IMO) has comparable special effects and somewhat better writing? Are prices being inflated because it’s a big-3 network show? Does Calista Flockhart’s salary play into this? I don’t get it.

I’ll be disappointed if it’s cancelled because I feel there’s potential there, but at the same time I would completely understand why they cancelled it, and it’d be somewhat of a relief not to have to listen to that show’s dialogue anymore.


The show’s budget isn’t $3 million for episode. The licensing fee is an additional $3 million per episode on top of the production cost. That’s why transferring it to The CW is attractive. If it went there, the fee would go away because the network is co-owned by Warner Bros. (Which is why the other DC shows can be modest hits and still be viable.) The downside is that CW shows have much smaller production budgets, so even without the $3 million licensing fee, the show would have to trim a lot of fat to get down to a Flash or Green Arrow budget.


I don’t think that’s right or at least it is not right with respect to what CBS pays. CBS pays 3 million per episode. That’s the licensing fee and that’s the entirety of the cost to CBS for “purchasing” the episode from Warner Television. What it costs Warner to produce is, presumably, something less than 3 million. The difference is the profit to Warner. CBS doesn’t pay the licensing fee plus the production cost, just like you or I don’t pay retail on a purchased TV and then also pay the cost of manufacture for said TV.

If CBS passes on renewing, whether Warner brings it to CW will depend on whether they think they can still make a profit off of whatever the new production cost will be. The licensing fee “going away” isn’t necessarily a good thing for Warner.


That makes sense. Still, it’s a very expensive show for the ratings it’s garnering. CBS doesn’t want to pay for it any more, and Warner/CW certainly won’t either. Something’s gotta give. Either the budget comes down, or the show goes away.


Actually, with respect to CBS, the main thing they care about is the licensing fee going down. Whether Warner pulls that off by reducing the budget or taking less of a profit is up to them. Obviously CBS would care if a licensing fee reduction is realized by a markedly crappier show due to cost cutting, but that is harder to gauge.

For all we know, Supergirl doesn’t cost all that much more to make than Flash, and the high licensing cost is Warner Television turning a huge profit. Maybe Warner will blink first and cut the licensing fee.


Yeah, I think it actually edges out Supergirl writing for the worst. I must also hang my head in shame.


Supergirl is filmed in LA which makes it considerably more expensive. Plus the effects are bigger. It’s tough to have those flying fight scenes. I must be crazy because I really enjoy the show. It has some groan moments but I enjoy it much more than most CW shows except for the Flash which also isn’t perfect.


Renewed for season 2, but moving to CW.

No word on how this will impact the budget or actors, but it’s likely going to move to Vancouver for production.


Fingers crossed the changes are mostly positive! Apparently quite some risk they’ll Cat and Alex to a distant move, but I suppose people’s priorities can change…


SPOILER ALERT (though no spoiler tags because, come on, it’s month old news).

I’m still trying to wrap up season 1 of Supergirl. I just slogged through the crossover episode. Flash was cool, and I love how both leads are just so much fun, but everything else about the writing was terrible. Supergirl gets nearly punched out by the banshee and saved by a water hose?!?!? Sonic scream that is strong enough to send people tumbling is stopped by earplugs?!? Can’t they try just a little harder with the writing, pretty please?

I did like the playful acknowledgement that it’s crazy for Cat not to recognize Supergirl, as shown by how she outs the Flash, despite a legitimate half-mask costume.


Hollywood Reporter’s story on this said Calista Flockhart is still on board despite the move.


Because this show deserves to get bumped:

Looks like there’s gonna be an Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow/Supergirl MEGACROSSOVERPOCALYPSE at some point next season. Fuck Justice League, this is the only DC crossover event I give half a shit about!


Just as importantly, the show is getting a 22-episode order out of the gate. No worrying over a back nine.



The CW should just go all in on this stuff. Go live-action with Vixen, maybe add Teen Titans, heck…do a Legion of Superheroes show as well.


Here’s most of the stars in an elevator.


Superman will be in two episodes of the next season. Casting has not been announced yet.

“Greg [Berlanti], Ali [Adler] and I are beyond thrilled to welcome Clark Kent and his slightly-more-famous alter ego to the world of Supergirl,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said. “Superman will be appearing in the first two episodes of the new season and we cannot wait to see who next dons the red cape!”


First look at the two Supes:


I think the word I’m looking for is “squee.”


Goddammit, CW, don’t fuck this up.

As in, let’s shoot for Supernatural Season 11 or Arrow Season 2, rather than, say, Supernatural Season 7 or Arrow Season 4. . .